Daily Reading: January 25, 2021

Image by Victoria Constantino

As the twenty-fifth day of the first month, today may bring changes in partnerships and alliances. We may experience shifts regarding teamwork and in who we choose to work with, even as we are flowing into new experiences and opportunities and taking new paths. We may reach an unexpected fork in the road, before which we can pause to consider the best way to take. We are reminded that it is most often our first inclination or instinct that is correct, right, true, and best for us. We are being asked not to doubt or second-guess ourselves, and to avoid overanalyzing, as this can lead to ‘analysis paralysis’ and can muddy the waters of our clarity. We are guided to seek clarity and integrity in all that we think, do, and say. Continually seeking clarity will bring lightning flashes of insight and inspiration, and will facilitate a deep inner knowing and connection to the wisdom of the ages. 

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us thirteen and four. We can expect new developments and manifestations to enter our experience now. Today’s shifts and changes are tomorrow’s stronger foundations. We are building anew from a place of greater harmony and stability that allows us to build higher than ever before. We are facilitating our own growth and strength through the new creations that we built on integrity as we give them a stable, secure base. We may become aware of seemingly small or minor actions we can take to facilitate strength, harmony, and improvements in our lives; know that the smallest action taken from a pure place of truth and integrity can have much further-reaching consequences than we could imagine. Establishing intentions for our own strength, harmony, and stability goes far now. As we are positioned at the beginning of a full-moon week, we are currently in a growing phase. This week powerfully supports our healing through clearing and release of what does not serve us to make room for new developments and manifestations. Full moons are powerful times of healing. We are guided to be our own best allies by continuing on our healing path and cutting through any weeds that may appear along the way, with the ferocity, strength, and integrity of a lion, yet staying grounded in our truth and in our light. We are guided to stay on our path, to stay true to ourselves, and to not let anything or anyone lead us astray or knock us off our path.

Mantra: It is easy for me to make the decisions that are right and true and best for me. I trust my instinct and connect easily to my intuition.

Daily Reading: December 15, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the fifteenth day of the twelfth month. The number fifteen is symbolic of manifested change. Transformations are underway, and tremendous shifts are taking place. Sea-changes are happening now. Much of this change is happening within, and it is some of the greatest change of all. Supporting this through healing work and going within on a regular basis, and through practices like journaling and meditation, are ways of honoring ourselves. This is some of the most important work we can do when we are on the ascension path. If we are choosing light, transformation, and healing, we are choosing to ascend or rise above what was before. Now is a tremendous opportunity for growth, and we are asked to make use of this window from now until the 21st, when the energies are strongest. The work continues after that, of course, as we can always rise up higher and elevate in every way, and we can always heal on deeper and deeper levels.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us thirteen, and four. Thirteen can indicate groundbreaking change and karmic clearing. It is also a number of manifestation that indicates new opportunities may be at hand. These opportunities can be linked to the inner work we are doing, and as karma clears and we are able to hold more light because of our healing, we magnetize opportunities to come to us and become more aligned to our life purpose and soul mission. We are asked to forgive anyone and everyone who has ever hurt us or wronged us in any way. As we do so, we are supporting the process of clearing karma. Forgiveness is a way of wiping the slate clean. As we release the baggage we were holding onto, we become lighter and free; this can come in the form of freedom through forgiveness. When we choose light, we are choosing to separate from what is not light. This choice and intention clears the path and makes way for us to forgive others and to clear and release karma with greater ease. We are asked now to lay down our burdens and to rise up like the phoenix, transmuting and transforming our energy through the fire of purification.

We are also asked to examine where change makes us uncomfortable, and why. In the why, there are healing lessons. Knowing where we need to heal is a great gift that allows us to make significant forward progress. Today we are guided strongly to monitor our thoughts and to stay focused on the positive, and also to be aware of our own energy. We can often feel when the energy shifts around us, and whether it is in a way that is helpful to us or not. This awareness is helpful to us in knowing when we need to more strongly protect our energy. We have sovereignty over ourselves and free will, and therefore have the ability to send any unwanted energies away from us. Visualizing ourselves surrounded in golden light can heal our energy and also strengthen it and provides us with powerful protection. Moving forward, not in fear—never in fear—but in love, strengthens our energy. Where we find fear, we are asked to envision its removal as we hold it out in front of us and surround it with a ball of golden light that transmutes it into something beautiful.

Mantra: I allow myself freedom through forgiveness. I choose love. I bless my energy with unconditional love, with grace, and with purified source energy. I bless my communications with truth, clarity, integrity, kindness, and compassion.

Daily Reading: October 19, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the nineteenth day of the month, and nineteen is associated with endings and beginnings. Where one indicates manifestations, fresh starts, and the new entering your life, nines bring endings and finales. With nines, we look to leaving the old behind—whether relationships, energies, or old baggage we might be holding onto—so that we can make room for what is fresh, new, and beneficial to enter our lives. Because one and nine add up to ten, the aspect of closure is especially highlighted. It’s time to walk away. One analogy for these current energies is moving house—you have packed up your bags and boxes, loaded up the truck, done the last look-over of the old place, ensured that it is empty and clean, and now it’s time to hop in the truck and drive away.

The numbers in today’s date add up to six, a number of harmony and balance. The changes and transformations we are experiencing now are bringing about harmony in our lives. For many of you, this may be long-awaited. These transitions are bringing about a sense of greater balance, peace, and resolutions. Situations and relationships that were riddled with difficulty suddenly become resolved, smooth, and harmonious. While these changes may appear sudden on the surface, much energetic preparation has taken place to pave the way for these transformations, strengthening and building the foundations over time to create the physical, manifested results. Moving forward with confidence, knowing that these changes are beneficial to you and those around you, smoothes transitions and improves energy flows. Flowing gently out of one cycle and into the next with ease and grace is ideal to ensure the greatest possible benefit for you and all around you. Even when things look rocky, knowing that you are divinely supported and loved unconditionally by your team in spirit serves you well and helps bring about a sense of peace. Know that these changes are for the better and that you are sailing to brighter shores, leaving the old behind. It’s time to leave the past in the past and acknowledge and honor the lessons and wisdom you have gained through your experiences, looking ahead with excitement and enthusiasm to what lies ahead.

Mantra: I release the past with trust and faith, knowing that I am divinely supported and loved unconditionally. I know that everything is always improving for me and I welcome change for the better.

Daily Reading: October 13, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the thirteenth day of the month, and thirteen is associated with groundbreaking change, transitions, shake-ups, karmic cycles, planning, using good judgment, and intuition. The numbers one and three lend influences of new beginnings, manifestation, growth, expansion, and the Ascended Masters, who are always available to support us. Any major changes happening in your life are for your benefit, regardless of how they may initially appear.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 9 (10 + 13 + 2020 = 9). Nines are numbers signifying endings and sometimes appear to let us know there are things we need to let go of, release, and clear, whether energies, thought patterns, habits, emotions, or situations rooted in the physical plane. This can also be connected to the ways we navigate the world or relate to others. We are asked to move forward into new ways of being, thinking, and doing and into compassion, unity consciousness, and love. We are asked to love ourselves and others unconditionally; regardless of the behaviors or words others may choose, we are always responsible for our own thoughts, choices, words, and actions. It takes great strength to stay aligned with love when people around us are choosing otherwise. As one and three add up to four, today brings energies of support, strength, and stability as we are working to create solid foundations, whether in our rootedness to our highest truth, path, and purpose; to our goals and focus; or to the path of peace.

Daily Reading: October 5, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the fifth day of the month, and fives are associated with change and transformation.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 10 (10 + 5 + 2020 = 10). Tens signify fulfillment and completion, and can indicate the end of a cycle. Something in your life has run its course, and it is time for you to let go of the old to make room for the new. This is a good time to tie up loose ends and welcome in new beginnings. A fresh start and happy changes lie ahead. Know that what comes your way on the path ahead contains opportunities for your growth and elevation.

Changes and Transitions

Autumn, tree in fall
Image by Victoria Constantino

Gone are the bright, airy blooms of spring and the swollen fruits of summer. The season we are now entering into is one of preparation. Its fruits are hearty and meant to sustain us through the cold and barren months, the period of dormancy when nature slumbers on the surface as deeper transformations occur, unseen, beneath the surface in the dark womb of earth, in the hearth of winter’s becoming. In this time before the chill begins to bite, we cast off what has had its day and draw near to us what will sustain us. We welcome those we hold dear in close conversation and heart-centered communion.

As I write this, fall is only days away in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Southern Hemisphere is preparing to enter a season of growth. All of life is flowing in an ancient dance as one season merges into the next with perfect harmony and fluidity. Change can sometimes be this seamless for us, one step leading to another in a natural progression. We may look up one day and suddenly realize how much our lives have changed, although the process has been gradual. This year especially has been one of unprecedented transformation. Often, periods of intense change are accompanied by major growth. Collectively and individually, we are experiencing rapid transformations and powerful personal and spiritual shifts.

The transition of summer into autumn is beautiful for us to witness, and we do well to honor our own personal changes with as much reverence. We can take a few cues from nature by navigating those changes gracefully, flowing with the transitions in our lives without resisting them, honoring the improvements the shifts are bringing, uncomfortable as they may be. When we do this, not only do we have a much more enjoyable experience, we also open ourselves to receive much greater benefit by being in the energy of allowing. Rather than blocking the energies that are flowing to us with our resistance, we are flowing with them by allowing them to work for our betterment.

Fall is a great opportunity for us to focus our intentions as we work toward creating positive change in our lives—the seasonal energy is supporting this. Now is the time to make major changes, launch new creative and business endeavors, and plan for improvements of all kinds. Whether we realize it or not, we are impacted by the energies all around us, including the transition from one season to the next. In autumn, nature itself is clearing out what has served its purpose, and what has lived its full season. This is a time to clear the deadwood, energetically and physically. To encourage positive change in our lives, it is important to first make room for it by clearing what does not serve us. Clearing starts the energy flowing to us and around us in healthy, beneficial ways.

We can benefit from clearing clutter from our physical environment (which is a great Feng shui practice that is beneficial to do year-round). This could mean riffling through your closet and donating things you haven’t worn in the past year or going through paperwork, files, and email and clearing out what is no longer necessary. These physical actions create shifts that usher out stagnant energies to make room for what is fresh and new and allows the energy to flow in positive ways.

It is also important to clear ourselves energetically. There are so many ways to do this, but bathing in Epsom salts and grounding are great practices to incorporate into your routine. You can also visualize white or golden light surrounding you and the spaces you live in while setting the intention that the light purifies the energy and creates a powerful forcefield of protection around you and your loved ones, pets, home, and property. You can expand this light out to your neighborhood, community, city, and beyond—even visualizing it wrapping around the entire planet to bring peace, healing, and light to all.

As we prepare energetically for the path that lies before us, it is important to stay centered and focused on what truly matters, both in the now and as we visualize the best possible outcomes that we would like to enter into as we continually move forward.