Daily Reading: October 10, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the tenth day of the month, and tens are associated with completion, fulfillment, success, and the closing out of cycles.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 6 (10 + 10 + 2020 = 6). Sixes are numbers of balance, harmony, family, love, stability, peace, justice, grace, integrity, protection, and healing. Combined with the energies of ten, sixes indicate a new cycle beginning with the closure of the old one that brings the aspects and energies of six. Tens also carry the energy of 1 + 0, where one indicates new beginnings and manifestations, and zeroes indicate the God-force, Source, and creator energies.

Daily Reading: October 8, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the eighth day of the month, and eights are associated with manifestation, infinity and eternal life, limitless abundance, success, wealth, inner strength, and confidence.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 4 (10 + 8 + 2020 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4). Fours are associated with stability, solid foundations, strength, balance, fortification, wisdom, integrity, organization, discipline, patience, progress, and the angels and archangels. Today is a good day to work toward goals and strengthening foundations in your life. It’s also an opportune time to build and grow projects and things that require cumulative, steady contributions to progress toward a certain desired outcome. You can always call on your angels for assistance, strength, wisdom, and support of any kind. They work quickly and they are here to assist us whenever we need them. All we have to do is ask.