Daily Reading: January 22, 2021

Image by Victoria Constantino

As the twenty-second day of the first month, today brings in strong energies of unity and partnership. We are asked to navigate our day with compassion toward others and to practice nonjudgment, freeing ourselves from any preconceived notions surrounding others, as we are all on a unique path. When we come together in harmony and peace, we can create strong foundations and build from a stronger platform; this is indicated by the number four (where 2+2=4). Four lends aspects of balance, strength, and stability that result from collaborations, whether those are with friends, coworkers, partners, or our allies in the nonphysical. We can create great things when we work together in harmony.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us ten, a number of completion. The number one lends aspects of inspiration, focus, creativity, new beginnings, joy, and opportunities, and zero is associated with the divine force of creation, with Source. One aspect of ten is our co-creation with the divine, which we are always in partnership with as physically manifested aspects of the divine in human form. Today is an especially potent day to focus our energies on manifestations in partnership with the divine. Visualizing our goals can be a powerful catalyst that launches our dreams into the stratosphere and brings them back down to earth in manifested form. Today’s date also carries an aspect of things lining up for us, with the 20 21 22 aspect. At its basis, this sequence indicates our partnership with the divine (0), which creates new manifestations and opportunities (1) that build upon and strengthen our future, giving us further stability (2+2=4), from which we stand on solid ground to reach higher and dream bigger than ever before. Today we are reminded that where thoughts go, energy flows. 

Mantra: I send blessings, love, light, and gratitude to my supportive partnerships. I welcome new beginnings and opportunities to flow to me. 

Daily Reading: January 8, 2021

Image by Victoria Constantino

As the eighth day of the first month, today carries strong aspects of manifesting. We are powerful creators of our own realities and are fully capable of living the abundant life we desire. Eight is a number of infinite prosperity and symbolizes, not only our eternal nature, but the abundance of the universe in which we live. We are the dreamers of our own destinies and the magicians weaving the fabric of our very own lives. No matter where we are or where we have come from, we are capable of achieving everything we can dream. When we believe in ourselves and in our goals, we are empowering them to become a reality. 

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us fourteen, and five. Fourteen indicates strengthening foundations and new opportunities, while five brings aspects of change and expansion. If you have been seeing 55 or 555 everywhere, know that positive changes are ahead for you that will bring, or are because of your growth and expansion. Pursuing areas of curiosity will prove rewarding now. Looking to where you wish to expand and grow will set the energies moving in that direction. Setting your intentions now for your goals and desires will ensure they manifest; be sure to water the seeds you have planted. Today, we are guided to consider where we would like more freedom and decide how we would like the end results to look. You can find yourself in that place of your greatest liberty, hold the vision in your mind, and keep coming back to this vision to nurture it. This is a way of watering a seed of intention.

Mantra: I allow the abundance that is available to me to flow to me now. I welcome my best life and bless all that is positive.

Daily Reading: November 11, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Eleven carries a gateway energy, symbolized visually by the two ones side by side. The doubled eleven for today, 11/11, brings twice the potency of the eleven gateway energy and supports us powerfully in our ascension, healing, alignment, coming back to our truth, and elevating in various aspects of our lives. It also supports us with manifestations in a significant way. One is a number of manifestations, new beginnings, and opportunities. Today, we are guided to monitor our thoughts closely, as they are being amplified. Our thoughts are like broadcasts to the universe, and today, the volume is turned up high. Whatever you think about, you attract into your experience; keep the momentum going for 17 seconds, and it builds energetically. Today is a wonderful day to find the feelings of appreciation, love, wealth, abundance, health, joy, success, and anything else you will feel when your goals are met. Neville Goddard guides us to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and this is especially supported today.

The numbers in today’s date add up to eight, which carries strong energies of abundance, wealth, prosperity, and success. We are being reminded that we are powerful, eternal beings capable of creating the life we desire, and that we can manifest anything and everything we want into our experience. Abraham-Hicks teaches us that we are sourced from the energy that creates worlds. Today is a great day to focus on the ways you want to expand, whether spiritually, in your business and career, intellectually, or in any other way. We are all being guided to elevate in every aspect of our lives, as this is part of the ascension process that is underway in our reality right now. Building on a foundation of integrity will provide a strong support that will allow us to soar high, further and faster than we ever dreamed possible. 

We are eternal beings sourced from unconditional love and, as such, we are pure love at our core. When we align with this perfect love, the love of Source, we align with the energy of who we truly are. We are guided to send love and healing out into the universe, and to send love to the world. Today, spending time in quiet contemplation will provide tremendous rewards, whether those are felt or seen, or remain within the realms of the invisible. Simply desiring to align to our highest path and purpose will start the energies flowing in that direction. Many living here in this time are lightworkers, and many are awakening to this path now. Tuning into your guidance today and asking for your path to be revealed will start the momentum building. Watch for signs—they may be subtle—to begin appearing along your path as guideposts. ‘Look here,’ they may nudge you, or ‘consider this.’ 

Also in focus is shifting our gaze from separation to unity consciousness. As we remember the illusion of separation is just that—an illusion—we begin to see others, and ourselves, as parts of the whole, each having our own individual experience, each learning and growing in our own ways. When we look on others, we are asked to do so with compassion, and with a certain level of detached awareness, understanding that their actions and behaviors are simply coming from the place of consciousness where they are presently located. We are asked, above all, to send light into the dark places, within ourselves, around us, to everyone around the world, and to every place on the planet. We can do this by visualizing the light encircling the earth and bringing healing, clearing and transmuting energies everywhere, with no stone left unturned, so that darkness has nowhere left to hide. We can ask that all stuck and trapped energies, all energies that do not serve our highest good, and that energies that do not belong are cleared, released, and transmuted or returned to Source, according to the highest good.

Mantra: I am powerful and I call upon the god-force within me to awaken. I am expanding into greater awareness and understanding. I am elevating in every way and aligning with my highest truth.