Daily Reading: November 3, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the third day of the eleventh month; three is a number of manifestation, community, society, expression, kindness, compassion, and celebrations. When we come together in collaboration and in a spirit of oneness and unity, we can accomplish far more than we can as individuals. Trusting ourselves and tuning into our inner knowledge is important today.

The numbers in today’s date add up to nine, which carries forth energies of freedom, inner strength, endings, clearing, release, and letting go. Something is concluding with finality, and we are coming to a place, or perhaps are already there, of knowing how truly strong and resilient we are. Through what we have learned and accomplished, and through what we have mastered and overcome, we know ourselves more deeply and all that we are capable of. Nine also relates to our life mission, soul purpose, and the innate ability each one of us has to bring light and healing, each in our own individual ways, to others. We are asked to stand strong in our truth and look to the ways we can help others, whether through kind words, guidance, sending them light and healing, or inspiring them through our gifts and talents. We are being guided to send light, healing, and love to the world—both to the earth and her creatures as well as to every person on the planet, including those who have passed who are still in the earthly realms. Let this day be a day of joy, healing, and strengthening in our truth and authenticity.

Mantra: I trust my intuition and stand strong in my authenticity. I send love, kindness, and compassion to everyone around me.

Daily Reading: October 23, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-third day of the month, and twenty-three brings energies of cooperation, partnership, and manifestation. New connections are indicated today. Because two and three add up to five, today also brings energies of change, five being a number of transitions and transformations. Today may be a crucial pivot point for some of you. Look for opportunities and shifts that provide you with the chance to take another path; your path may fork now, and you could be presented with an option to go in another direction. It is important to feel into your intuition before making decisions. How does something make you feel? If you feel joyful when you think about it, and it makes you feel better than when you think about staying on your current path, then it could lead to great things for you. Trust your instinct above all. Sometimes it is important to tune out the external noise of other voices and opinions to determine what is right for you, what you really want. Take your time and make your own choices.

The numbers in today’s date add up to ten, a number of completion, endings, and subsequent beginnings. You may come to the end of something in your life or energetically, you may be reaching the end of a cycle. Know that you are ready for what comes next. Take time to celebrate today and this weekend, and to enjoy everything good in your life—the abundance, the harmony, the relationships, the beauty and the nature all around you. Take time to laugh, to love, to think, and to be still. Know that you are so very loved. Remembering that we are sourced from love is powerful today and every day.

Mantra: Everything in my life keeps getting better and better. I am upleveling in every way. I trust in my divine guidance. I trust my instinct.

Daily Reading: October 13, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the thirteenth day of the month, and thirteen is associated with groundbreaking change, transitions, shake-ups, karmic cycles, planning, using good judgment, and intuition. The numbers one and three lend influences of new beginnings, manifestation, growth, expansion, and the Ascended Masters, who are always available to support us. Any major changes happening in your life are for your benefit, regardless of how they may initially appear.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 9 (10 + 13 + 2020 = 9). Nines are numbers signifying endings and sometimes appear to let us know there are things we need to let go of, release, and clear, whether energies, thought patterns, habits, emotions, or situations rooted in the physical plane. This can also be connected to the ways we navigate the world or relate to others. We are asked to move forward into new ways of being, thinking, and doing and into compassion, unity consciousness, and love. We are asked to love ourselves and others unconditionally; regardless of the behaviors or words others may choose, we are always responsible for our own thoughts, choices, words, and actions. It takes great strength to stay aligned with love when people around us are choosing otherwise. As one and three add up to four, today brings energies of support, strength, and stability as we are working to create solid foundations, whether in our rootedness to our highest truth, path, and purpose; to our goals and focus; or to the path of peace.

Divine Timing

Divine timing is a commonly used term that can mean different things depending on where you are on your journey. Abraham-Hicks teaches that when you ask, it is given. To a large extent, when something comes to you depends on you and your degree of allowing it to come into being. Are you blocking it with resistant thoughts, actions, or beliefs? If so, then you are holding it at bay.

It takes the nonphysical very little time, according to our linear understanding of time, to assemble all of the cooperative components for the things we want. Sometimes, manifestations come about as the result of a progression of events, and we are meant to enjoy the unfolding and witness it in appreciation for all its magnificence, for the extraordinary way in which is it is assembled, revealed, and delivered to us.

When we are in alignment, we are in a place of receptivity that allows guided action to come to us. These actions can be seemingly inconsequential, but can lead to a truly uncanny unfolding of events. Something as simple as calling a friend can generate powerful momentum that ultimately has us standing in the middle of a manifestation.

We are divine beings, and divine timing is often about how much we are letting in. Because we are co-creators of our reality, we are also working in concert with other divine, nonphysical beings who, from where they stand, have a bird’s-eye view and can see the bigger picture that is hidden from our limited perspective. This is why so much of our experience is about trusting—remaining steady in the knowing that things are working out for us to our greatest and highest good. If we stay strong in that belief, because we create our own realities, then it will be so.

Sometimes, we have to do inner work like healing and clearing old energies and beliefs and replacing them with energies and thought patterns that bring us into a place of allowing and receptivity, so that we are a vibrational match for what we want to bring into our lives. In this case, divine timing becomes about our readiness to receive.

It could be that we need to be in the right place at the right time to propel events into being. It can be about meeting a certain person or making a certain contact or any number and combination of events and components that will lead us to the place we want to be, and to the things and situations we want to manifest. When we are in that place of readiness, we allow the guidance to come through and receive it, sometimes as thoughts and ideas, and other times as suggestions, ideas, or opportunities from outside sources.

This is where trust becomes really important. Trusting that inner knowing, that little voice of guidance that comes through to gently suggest action steps, can be so powerful. Try following through and see what comes about. Keeping a journal of these events and the guided action that led to them can be a powerful tool for reflection later on. As you read through the unfolding of events, you may notice patterns and details that help strengthen your belief as well as your understanding of the way the divine works, both with us and through us.

February: A Very Manifestational Month

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the second month of 2020! It’s going by so fast, with so many changes happening, both energetically and on the physical level. The energy feels like the VIII of Wands, as we are hurtling toward our destinations, whether we know where we are going or not, with a fast-moving energy that is supporting us in creating the lives we desire, manifesting our goals, and bringing to fruition all that we have been focusing on.

February is a “2” month, indicating partnerships, alliances, and alignment: the alignment of you with your inner being, your co-creative partnership with your higher self. It is also a month where new relationships of all kinds–professional, platonic, romantic, and spiritual–are coming into being and forces are uniting to bring together their unique power in a single, focused mission or intent that strengthens the collaboration. The forces together are stronger than they are separately, and their unity creates a force all its own that combines the strengths, attributes, and energies of the disparate parts.

With so much energy moving so rapidly, there is a fine line between surrender and maintaining focus. While on the one hand, it can be important to direct these energies so that we don’t lose focus, surrendering and allowing are key. We can maintain a healthy balance by keeping our sights set only on what we want, by keeping our minds focused there and not giving any attention to circumstances or conditions that are undesirable, which keeps the desired results active in our vibration and attracts more of the same to us (thank you, Law of Attraction!).

At the same time, we need to be in receiving mode, allowing our manifestations to enter our lives in physical, tangible form. When we laugh and experience moments of joy, appreciation, and gratitude, we let it in, releasing resistance and feeling fully the wholeness of who we are. This month, take pleasure in the fact that you are a being of light and abundance, that this is your divine nature, and enjoy the fact that you create your own reality. Your vibration, your emotions, and your beliefs are something you have complete control over. Isn’t that nice to know?