Daily Reading: January 4, 2021

Image by Victoria Constantino

As the fourth day of the first month, today carries energies of strengthening foundations in various aspects of our lives. We may be becoming aware of or seeking out new opportunities and setting goals as we plan for the improved future we would like to experience. We may be experiencing the first inklings of new ideas and attuning to the possibilities that we can achieve. True foundations begin within the heart. Loving ourselves, and learning to love ourselves, is strongly in focus now. When we see ourselves as worthy of achieving our greatest possible life, not what anyone else envisioned for us, but our own greatest potential, we have taken the most important steps toward achieving that life by embracing the energy. Grounding in the energy of our truth establishes the foundation from which we build our brightest future.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us ten. One and zero together indicate our power to create our own reality. One is also a number of focus, and guides us to gain clarity on what we desire to create and to set our intentions there. When our actions and desires line up with the goals we have set, we are empowering them to become a reality. When we believe that we are capable of achieving what we desire, we are already halfway there. Leadership and determination are also aspects of the number ten. As we all have unique personalities, we are also unique in our leadership qualities. We may benefit from exploring new models of leadership that can replace the old ideas and methods of what leadership looked like in the past. Considering how leading from the heart values those we are serving can be beneficial now. Exploring different leadership models, especially in light of your specific gifts and talents, may also be helpful. 

Finding joy, as well as self-love, within our hearts can be just the medicine we need. Spending time with family, friends, and loved ones, and letting them know we care can have far-reaching benefits. We will never again be as we are now, in this moment. We are asked to cherish all that we have now. As we are ever-changing, growing, and evolving, we can always create new memories and generate new happiness. The future can always be bright, and so can our present. Every now-moment is a gift. Every experience we have can bring us expanded knowledge and contains an opportunity for us to align with the joy that is the essence of our true being. Life is a gift. We are guided to consider the importance of our choices in light of the container of time we are granted for this lifetime.

Mantra: I honor my authenticity and move forward in the ways that best serve me. I welcome all opportunities that are for my highest good. I choose to rise up into my highest path and potential.

Daily Reading: December 1, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the first day of the twelfth month. One is a number of opportunities, fresh starts, manifestation, and new beginnings. It is also a number of focus, motivation, individuality, and integrity. It asks us to stand strong in who we are, maintaining our focus on what we desire to create without letting others sway us or stand in our way. The number one carries aspects of progress, tenacity, confidence, and leadership. We may be stepping into leadership roles now, or perhaps energetically preparing to enter them. It is helpful when we flow with the situations that are appropriate for us and consider any opportunities that are presented to us now; these are gifts that can only be realized once they are opened. Once we accept the offers—using our discretion, of course, as to what is right for us, carefully considering them without immediately discounting the potential they may hold for us—only then can we realize the power they may have to move us forward, advance, and elevate in various aspects of our lives.

Every month—much like every day, week, and year—is a container that holds a certain energy. Of course, this energy shifts and changes, grows and evolves, as it progresses. Twelve is a number of cycles. December being the last month of the year, we are headed toward the end of a cycle, the end of 2020. Being that we are also now in a waning moon phase, this is a time in which the energies support the clearing, releasing, and healing of energies that do not serve us. We are asked to continue clearing, regardless of how long we have been doing this work, as we are headed collectively toward a major upleveling that begins with us as individuals. We are always healing on some level. Noticing what comes to the surface that is jarring or causes you to lose focus or momentum is a way that our inner being brings our attention to what we need to process and let go of so we can heal and become stronger, better versions of ourselves. We are also asked to set our sights on the new that we wish to create, and to sit with the feeling of the desired state of being a little while each day, as it will be time well spent. 

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date yields eight, a number of abundance and manifestation. Eight often relates to material wealth, which can include money, property, and other material assets. However, the figure eight is also the lemniscate, or infinity symbol, turned on its side. This points to our eternal spiritual nature, and the fact that we are all worthy and deserving of abundance. The greatest abundance of all is that which is felt with the heart, which is the wellspring of all things eternal. This month, as we come together with our communities and in celebrations with friends and family, let’s make the most of these opportunities to create heart-centered connections—to laugh, to love, and to celebrate all that is divine within each of us as we honor the place where we are in every given moment, how far we have come, and the journey ahead. As we send love and gratitude to our support systems and the loving relationships in our lives, we strengthen those foundations to create a more beautiful tomorrow and brighter days ahead. The love and gratitude that we send to others has far-reaching effects that are felt throughout the collective and provide a healing force for all.

Mantra: I welcome more love into my heart and honor my loving connections. I welcome abundance and new opportunities with an open heart. I send love and healing out to my community.

Daily Reading: November 15, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the fifteenth day of the eleventh month. Fifteen shines a light on where we may need to make changes in our lives that will bring us increased harmony and balance. Tuning into your heart’s desires and gaining clarity on what you truly want is important now. The current energies are supporting us in terms of manifesting new opportunities. Leadership, assertiveness, and independence are highlighted. We are guided to trust our instincts; now, they may be leading us toward carving our own path and making our own way as we lean into the support all around us and appreciate those in our lives who love us and have our best interests at heart, whether those allies are physical or nonphysical (though we all have nonphysical allies who are supporting us at all times). We are asked to send them love and gratitude for their support as we move forward on our unique path in the knowing that we are loved. 

The numbers in today’s date add up to twelve, which breaks down into three. Twelve speaks of cycles, milestones, and accomplishments. We may be celebrating momentous occasions, either now or in the near future. The effects of these achievements may be far-reaching and could well be cornerstones or key foundational pieces that we build upon for the rest of of our lives, and they may positively impact not just ourselves, but our friends, family, and community. Twelve also breaks down into three, which is often associated with the fruits of our intentions beginning to sprout and also further highlights the celebratory and community aspects that are so prevalent right now.

New possibilities are beginning to make themselves known as we move into a brighter future with hope and the thrill of what is becoming, and what it can blossom into. There is so much positive float in our lives now, collectively and individually. We may be achieving not just one milestone, but multiple accomplishments and also celebrating the achievements of others who are near and dear to us. We are guided to proceed in all things from a place of unconditional love, loving those around us and even those we don’t know as though they are a part of our family, which they are. We are reminded that we are all one as collective unity is strongly in focus and is building and increasing in momentum. 

Mantra: I welcome new beginnings and send blessings and gratitude to the beauty that is becoming in my life. I send love and light into my community and to those I care for, and ask that it spreads peace and joy throughout the world.

Daily Reading: October 17, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the seventeenth day of the month, and seventeen is associated with forward progress, manifestation, new beginnings, good fortune, spirituality, leadership, inner wisdom and knowing, intuition, and the awakening of psychic abilities. We are being asked to trust ourselves and our inner guidance. Now is a good time to begin or take further steps toward business endeavors and in the areas of leadership, teaching, and knowledge-sharing.

The numbers in today’s date add up to 4, a number of stability and balance. This can manifest in many different ways and in various aspects of your life, like career, home and family, and relationships. Greater stability may be manifesting, or this can be a call to consider how you can create stronger foundations in your life. Where could you use more peace of mind? Some of you may be gaining clarity on your life purpose. Good indicators that you are on the right path is when something lights you up, comes to you naturally, or just feels right. As you seed the intentions that you wish to start gravitating toward what is right for you and that you are ready to pursue your soul mission, the universe will start lining things up for you. This could come about through people entering your experience or awareness that you can help by sharing your knowledge or uplifting in some way. You may start to see pieces fall into place. However, be sure to remain open to possibilities. Sometimes we can miss signs and opportunities because we are fixated on how we think they will look or take shape. Being open to possibilities will allow more opportunities to reach you and start flowing more positive circumstances and developments your way.

Mantra: I trust my intuition. Everything is lining up for me. I am open to receiving what is for my highest good.

Daily Reading: October 11, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the eleventh day of the month, and elevens are associated with passing into new cycles, new beginnings, manifestations, spiritual awakening, awareness, and life mission and purpose. The number 11 is a master number that indicates a spiritual purpose around leadership, teaching, healing, and inspiring others. Because it also adds up to two, 11 also indicates that you have the divine support and guidance of your higher self, your angels, allies, and divine forces.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 7 (10 + 11 + 2020 = 7). Sevens also indicate a connection with the divine and are related to intuition, spiritual gifts, insight, and awareness. Combined with the energies and influences of 11 and two, sevens are a strong indicator of your connection to your spiritual abilities and insight and to your allies in the nonphysical. This can indicate strong encouragement to pursue a spiritual path; deepen your connection to your allies, guides, and angels; or that your gifts and abilities are strengthening or awakening. Time spent in quiet contemplation is encouraged now and will allow you to connect to your guidance and intuition and to receive any messages that are meant for you.

Daily Reading: October 9, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the ninth day of the month, and nines are associated with endings, lightworking, destiny, soul purpose, life mission, wisdom, leadership, and a higher perspective.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 5 (10 + 9 + 2020 = 14; 1 + 4 = 5). Fives are associated with change, life lessons, activity, progress, freedom, and choices. The influences of five and nine together indicate choices in the face of endings; questions might arise as to how to best proceed—where to go from here, now that something has run its course? Looking within and trusting your intuition and inner wisdom and guidance will provide the answers you seek. Spending time in contemplation is beneficial, as is calling on the highest divine guidance for wisdom and support.