The Wild Unknown: A Deck Interview

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans
Image by Victoria Constantino

This deck interview uses the spread and corresponding questions by Katey Flowers.

In a time in which a pandemic is sweeping the mass consciousness, I followed my inner urging to do something fun, to invest in something new that would bring me joy. I have long admired The Wild Unknown tarot deck and in my seeking, happily found it in a bookstore. I like to start off my partnership with every new deck on the right foot, as it were, with a getting-to-know-you interview. This provides an introduction and is a way for me to understand the energy and personality of a new deck.

The results from my interview with The Wild Unknown reveal a deck that cuts to the bone, that takes no part in fluff or sugar-coating. This deck deals with primal archetypes, with universal symbology that is the essence of life distilled. It is the subsconscious made apparent, revealing itself in images that speak to who we truly are, rather than who we think we are.

What can you teach me? The Self

In the most literal interpretation, this deck can teach me about myself on deep levels that help me understand my subsconscious mind and inner workings.

Describe yourself: The Vessel

This deck is a conduit, a means through which information is carried, held, and contained.

Describe me: The Mother

The mother is a creator, a life-giver, a magician of sorts, a source of life and creativity, especially in the sense of creation, and new beginnings. The divine feminine, to some degree, lives within us all, as we all generate and incubate our own reality.

How can we work together? The Mask

This deck can teach me about myself and show me the layers that make up my persona, personality, inclinations, talents, and the true identity beneath it all. It reveals both the mask and what is beneath it.

Your strengths: The Stone

This deck is reliable, as it is founded on archetypes which are immutable though always in flux, eternal yet ever-changing. Its wisdom is an anchor.

Your weakness: The Box

This deck is necessarily limited in that it cannot possibly reveal everything or include every archetype. It can guide, but the ultimate and most meaningful guidance comes from within.

Our potential together: The Judge

This deck can act as a compass and as an advocate for discernment, guiding me to make choices that are balanced and just, given the energies at hand.