Daily Reading: December 27, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth month. Twenty-seven can be a number of receiving positive karmic rewards you have fulfilled in the past. It can also indicate positive news and messages coming your way. This numeric combination tells of good fortune attained through cooperation, balance, and partnerships, whether through co-creators and allies on the physical plane or in the nonphysical. It indicates achievements through work well done and is a number of success and congratulations. It can also offer encouragement to pursue a field of study or to deepen your understanding in areas of interest to you by taking classes and reading books on subjects that draw your attention. When we are upleveling, we are guided to seek out knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and to seek answers to questions and anything we have been curious about. This can help to broaden our horizons, deepen our understanding and knowledge, and enhance our perception. The newfound knowledge we gain can help to shape our future in meaningful ways and can help us to align with or discover our life purpose and soul mission. 

The nine resulting from the combination of two and seven lends energies of conclusions and of leaving the past behind. It signifies a departure from, or the need to depart from, what is not working for us or in alignment with who and where we are now, and that which does not serve our highest good. Nine is a number of expansion and, like seven, indicates our alignment with and awareness of our life purpose and soul mission. Nine is also a number of the lightworker and encourages those who feel they have a greater purpose here on this planet to begin examining their areas of interest, as those can be strong indicators of what we are meant to do. As nine can indicate endings, it may be guidance to start putting forth our efforts, energies, and intentions toward seeking a life of greater purpose. As we seek to live in greater fulfillment, we will start to notice what is falling away and it will become clear what has served its purpose and what has no place in our future. Always, we are guided to connect to our intuition and feel into our emotions; what brings us joy is our true north, our internal compass or navigation system telling us which way to go. When we move toward what feels good or makes us happy, we are moving in alignment with our higher purpose and in accordance with our divine nature.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us sixteen, and seven. Sixteen indicates new beginnings and manifestations that bring greater harmony, stability, and balance to our earthly lives. The seven appearing again as the complete reduced number of today’s date brings forth the strongest energies for today, which are good fortune, intuition, intellectual pursuits, determination, and spiritual growth and expansion. Tuning into the intuition is especially supported and rewarded today; doing so may yield long-sought answers or valuable messages, wisdom, information, and guidance from our inner being and team in spirit. We are asked to set the intention that we will only work with the highest energies of the light and to protect our spaces to ensure we are receiving the highest information from a place of truth and clarity. The divine embodies the truth. As we seek only the answers that serve our highest good, we are asked to support this with maintaining high levels of energetic cleanliness, which we can support by keeping our thoughts positive, uplifting, and pure. We can further support our energetic strength by living, thinking, acting, and speaking with integrity.

Mantra: I release what has served its purpose with love and compassion. I welcome what is meant for me in accordance with my highest good. Only what is for my highest good may enter my experience. 

Daily Reading: November 16, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the sixteenth day of the eleventh month. Sixteen can indicate that we are manifesting new opportunities that will bring us balance and harmony, and that will have a stabilizing impact on our family and domestic life. As the six and one add up to seven, today also lends influences of good fortune, expansion of our spiritual abilities and psychic awareness, and manifestation, in addition to learning, expansion of the intellect, and endeavors of the mind. We may be considering taking a course of study to strengthen or expand our understanding and skills in certain areas; these endeavors can impact our future in positive ways that could lead to an improved financial station and an elevated business or professional status.

The numbers in today’s date add up to thirteen, which reduces to four. Thirteen carries strong energies of manifestation, positive developments, and the birth of new ideas and developments that can have a lasting impact. Four relates to strength, stability, integrity, balance, and solid foundations. When four appears, we may be following a path led by our own strong determination to work toward a goal that we are keen to see through to the end—something we are committed to making work. These endeavors are supported by the universal energies at large. We are asked to loosen our grip, as antithetical as it may seem, in order to receive more fully and to a greater extent the outcomes we desire.

We are reminded that the energies and efforts we put toward something, even small amounts applied consistently, will have beneficial results and are sure to develop into what we wish. This is a way of applying our intention toward a goal, which builds momentum over time. These small efforts applied over time will eventually produce results, much like putting marbles, one at a time, into a bucket will eventually fill the bucket. If we are saving for a specific goal, even a few dollars set aside consistently will eventually add up to a lot. This is a way of creating stability, not just through applied effort, but also energetically as we build something stable and lasting a little at a time.

Mantra: I have the ability to create the outcomes I desire. I am a powerful creator and am worthy and deserving of all that I wish.

Daily Reading: October 12, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twelfth day of the month, and twelve is associated with the home, cycles, life mission, wisdom, knowledge, the intellect, and education. Because it also adds up to three, 12 indicates manifestation, which is supported by the number one, which lends energies of new beginnings, and two, which indicates co-creative partnerships and support, whether by physical or nonphysical partners and allies.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 8 (10 + 12 + 2020 = 8. Eights are numbers of infinite abundance and prosperity that remind us that everything we want is always available to us. Flowing now with manifestations—whether those come in the form of thoughts or ideas, opportunities, or new connections—can lead us to the situations, things, and outcomes we desire to make manifest in our lives. The 12, given its association with the home, asks us to stay grounded even as we take on the mental tasks of visualization and imagining desired outcomes, and as we plan and dream for our goals. Vision boards can be a nice way to ground the intellect, bringing together the elements of earth (the material world) and air (the realm of thought) and energetically encouraging our dreams to become reality.