Daily Reading: December 23, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-third day of the twelfth month. Twenty-three carries aspects of two and three, which are numbers of partnership and manifestation, respectively. Two and three adding up to five brings forth energies of change, growth, and expansion. Especially in focus today is change that has caused us to desire new and better circumstances for ourselves, that has created change within us, and that has served as the catalyst for the manifestation of improvements within. These internal improvements can include inner strength, a deeper understanding of ourselves, and a strengthening connection to our true nature; the more we truly know ourselves, the more we can tap into what is most aligned with us and with our highest path and purpose. Five is a number that also indicates freedom, and as we attune more to our own frequency through a deeper connection to our inner being, we gain freedom of mind, which in turn impacts our lives on every level, allowing us to soar to greater heights, more empowered and stronger than ever before and more grounded in the understanding of what we are truly capable of being, doing, and creating.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us twelve, and three. Three is a number of manifestation, of communications and community, and may now indicate celebrations with loved ones and the joys of coming together. We are guided now to stay positive, to keep our thoughts focused in a positive way, and to let the harmonious relationships in our lives serve as a catalyst for improved positivity and a sunnier outlook on life. Relishing the happy times benefits us on many levels, and allowing ourselves to revel in the joys brings us greater happiness and also supports and strengthens our energy. Our energetic health is always important, and we can maintain high levels of energetic cleanliness through allowing ourselves to feel fully the joy of happy interactions, and through taking salt baths, getting out in nature, meditation, relaxation, self-care, and soaking up the sun. The stronger our energetic field, the better equipped we are to navigate through life and make the most of every moment. Twelve indicates the end of a cycle, and as we are reaching the conclusion of the year, we are guided to consider what we no longer need, and to start turning away from it so we can leave it behind and move into something better. Likewise, we are guided to set goals and intentions for the year ahead, and to spend time visualizing what we want to happen for us and how we want our lives to look in the coming year.

Mantra: I welcome positive change and improvements on every level. I release what I no longer need and expand into joy and freedom.

Daily Reading: December 8, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the eighth day of the twelfth month. Eight is a number of infinite abundance and visually, it is the lemniscate, or infinity symbol, turned on its side. This reminds us of our own eternal nature and our ability to tap into abundance and prosperity at all times. It is also a reminder that we live in an abundant universe that is always conspiring to assist us in creating whatever we desire. We can help this process by keeping our thoughts focused on the positive and by rewriting old beliefs and thoughts that do not serve us. We can do this by simply replacing them with new thoughts that are uplifting and by being in the emotions of joy, happiness, peace, bliss, exuberance, and other high-vibrational feelings that support us on our path. Eight is also associated with expansion, freedom, inner strength, confidence, and empowerment. We empower ourselves when we allow ourselves to feel joyful, free, and confident.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date yields fifteen, and then six. Fifteen indicates the manifestation of change, and six brings energies of harmony, domesticity, balance, and joy. We can expect positive, happy changes to come about now or in the near future that result in improved circumstances for us and perhaps also for those we love. Today we are guided to find joy wherever we can and to let in the light so we can light the way for others. Many of us are here on this earth at this time to assist in humanity’s ascension and to facilitate the healing of the energies on this planet. We may be here to help show the way to paths of light, freedom, and abundance. When we live in abundance, we can more fully experience the life we came here to create and more of what this experience has to offer us. When we allow ourselves to live in abundance, whatever that means for us, we can focus from a place of comfort and ease that allows us to set our sights higher and operate from an elevated space so we can assist in higher ways. When our mundane needs are met, we can show up for ourselves and others in a way that allows us to focus on greater things.

Going within may be most rewarding today. Looking inward and exploring our emotional landscape can reveal hidden truths. Visualizing your inner world as an actual path that you are walking during meditation can reveal anything you are ready to deal with and clear, heal, release, and transmute. We may have breakthrough moments as a result of this exploration. We may find keys and answers long-sought. As we walk our inner landscape, we have the opportunity to weed the garden, to replace the uprooted weeds with seeds of light, and to set new intentions for the path ahead. We may also find our source within through journey work. Bridging this connection can remind us of our true nature—of our inner power, which comes from light and unconditional love. This can also remind us of our incredible inner strength and magnificent worthiness. As we return to the truth of who we are, we return to our true nature, to our reason for being, and to our purpose here on this planet in this lifetime. 

Mantra: I am worthy and capable of creating infinite abundance. I set the intentions now to live my best life and to fulfill my life purpose and soul mission. 

Daily Reading: December 7, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the seventh day of the twelfth month. Seven carries aspects of healing, integrity, inner strength, the intellect, good fortune, perseverance, learning and education, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and expansion and forward movement in these areas. It is also a number that indicates expanding spiritual gifts, psychic awareness, strengthening intuition, and connection with our allies and guides in the nonphysical. Today, we are supported in awakening to our spiritual gifts and strengthening them through gaining clarity. This clarity can be gained through clearing and healing what does not serve us, both mentally and emotionally as well as in our physical environment. Today is a good day to let go of clutter in whatever form it may take (physical or energetic, i.e., emotional or mental) and make room for clarity. When our windows are dirty, it obscures our vision, but when they are clean, we can see with clarity. 

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date yields fourteen, and then five. Fourteen indicates strengthening foundations and improving balance and stability that are supported by and work hand-in-hand with new manifestations and opportunities. Look to your intuition for guidance and to your support systems for a strengthening sense of stability and groundedness. Appreciating where we are strong in our lives can serve us well now, as can leaning into gratitude for the abundance that we have. There is great joy in sharing and we may feel guided to give from where our cups are full. The five indicated today carries aspects of change that persist throughout the week. We may see unexpected changes that bring improvements, although at first they may seem jarring or out of the blue. Understanding that things are not always as they appear at first, or what they look to be on their surface, can be helpful.

Change can bring us expansion, progress, and growth. Not all change is to be resisted and yet not all change is for our highest good. Change can be powerful and we may need to check in with our intuition to determine whether something is right for us, or not. We always have freedom of choice, and we can always ask our highest allies for assistance. We may have the opportunity this week to pivot to something totally new. It is important, when considering our focus on our goals, to remain aligned with the desired state of being—such as freedom, joy, etc.—rather than what it will look like or how we will get there. When setting forth our intentions, if we remain open to what we have asked for or something better, more opportunities for us to experience our desired state of being can flow to us, and often more rapidly as we are allowing them to take the path of least resistance without putting restrictions on how they will get to us or what they will look like. We may be asked this week to release any fears of change; change in and of itself is not negative, but in fact, it is necessary and it is always happening. Expecting positive changes to flow to us and setting the intention that only change that is for our highest good can come to us could be helpful now in alleviating any concerns.

Mantra: I welcome all that is for my highest good to flow to me now, and I release all resistance. All good things flow to me now, and I welcome positive energies to surround me. 

Daily Reading: November 3, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the third day of the eleventh month; three is a number of manifestation, community, society, expression, kindness, compassion, and celebrations. When we come together in collaboration and in a spirit of oneness and unity, we can accomplish far more than we can as individuals. Trusting ourselves and tuning into our inner knowledge is important today.

The numbers in today’s date add up to nine, which carries forth energies of freedom, inner strength, endings, clearing, release, and letting go. Something is concluding with finality, and we are coming to a place, or perhaps are already there, of knowing how truly strong and resilient we are. Through what we have learned and accomplished, and through what we have mastered and overcome, we know ourselves more deeply and all that we are capable of. Nine also relates to our life mission, soul purpose, and the innate ability each one of us has to bring light and healing, each in our own individual ways, to others. We are asked to stand strong in our truth and look to the ways we can help others, whether through kind words, guidance, sending them light and healing, or inspiring them through our gifts and talents. We are being guided to send light, healing, and love to the world—both to the earth and her creatures as well as to every person on the planet, including those who have passed who are still in the earthly realms. Let this day be a day of joy, healing, and strengthening in our truth and authenticity.

Mantra: I trust my intuition and stand strong in my authenticity. I send love, kindness, and compassion to everyone around me.