Daily Reading: November 15, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the fifteenth day of the eleventh month. Fifteen shines a light on where we may need to make changes in our lives that will bring us increased harmony and balance. Tuning into your heart’s desires and gaining clarity on what you truly want is important now. The current energies are supporting us in terms of manifesting new opportunities. Leadership, assertiveness, and independence are highlighted. We are guided to trust our instincts; now, they may be leading us toward carving our own path and making our own way as we lean into the support all around us and appreciate those in our lives who love us and have our best interests at heart, whether those allies are physical or nonphysical (though we all have nonphysical allies who are supporting us at all times). We are asked to send them love and gratitude for their support as we move forward on our unique path in the knowing that we are loved. 

The numbers in today’s date add up to twelve, which breaks down into three. Twelve speaks of cycles, milestones, and accomplishments. We may be celebrating momentous occasions, either now or in the near future. The effects of these achievements may be far-reaching and could well be cornerstones or key foundational pieces that we build upon for the rest of of our lives, and they may positively impact not just ourselves, but our friends, family, and community. Twelve also breaks down into three, which is often associated with the fruits of our intentions beginning to sprout and also further highlights the celebratory and community aspects that are so prevalent right now.

New possibilities are beginning to make themselves known as we move into a brighter future with hope and the thrill of what is becoming, and what it can blossom into. There is so much positive float in our lives now, collectively and individually. We may be achieving not just one milestone, but multiple accomplishments and also celebrating the achievements of others who are near and dear to us. We are guided to proceed in all things from a place of unconditional love, loving those around us and even those we don’t know as though they are a part of our family, which they are. We are reminded that we are all one as collective unity is strongly in focus and is building and increasing in momentum. 

Mantra: I welcome new beginnings and send blessings and gratitude to the beauty that is becoming in my life. I send love and light into my community and to those I care for, and ask that it spreads peace and joy throughout the world.

Daily Reading: October 16, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the sixteenth day of the month, and sixteen is associated with positive change, developments, and forward progress toward harmony, balance, and stability. It also resonates with selflessness and taking care of others, family, and the home. Within this can be aspects of leadership and responsibility (as well as responsible leadership) that have to do with teaching and nurturing others to bring about improved circumstances and better understandings that facilitate those energies of harmony.

We are being asked to trust ourselves and our intuition as we create improved circumstances for ourselves and others. Giving to others, selflessness, and caring improve the energy flow all around us, between us and the others we give to, and positively impact and lift up the collective. Improved energy flow can assist us in overcoming obstacles and guiding us as we face certain choice points. Our angels, guides, and allies are always there to assist us, just waiting for us to ask for their help. Meditation and quiet contemplation are fruitful during this new moon, which seeks to harmonize and balance every aspect of our lives. As you tune in, it may be useful to reflect on where more balance and harmony is needed as you tune into your inner guidance and lean into the support of your allies to receive any messages from them and your inner wisdom, especially regarding steps you can take that will lead to beneficial outcomes. Today, consider what you can do that will facilitate greater independence, both for yourself and for others.

Mantra: I think, act, and speak from a place of balance and harmony. I perceive with true wisdom and understanding.

Daily Reading: October 15, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the fifteenth day of the month, and fifteen is associated with change, transitions, new beginnings, manifestations, teaching, freedom, and breaking free from old patterns, habits, systems, and restraints. When fifteen catches your eye, appears multiple times throughout the day, repeats (1515), shows up in synchronicities (i.e., in multiple places at the same time), or simply resonates with you, it may be a call to break free of anything that is confining or controlling you, to make significant changes that will bring about the improvements you desire, and to rise up into your freedom and sovereignty. Because one and five add up to six, a number of harmony and balance, this indicates that the changes that are taking place are for your betterment and will create positive improvements in your life.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 2 (10 + 15 + 2020 = 11; 1 + 1 = 2). Two is a number of partnership and indicates that you are supported, whether through partnerships in your life, such as friends, family, coworkers, and employers or employees, or through nonphysical alliances in the form of guides, angels, and other beings who are assisting you. We always have a choice, and five is a number that is all about choice. It asks us to look at where we have accepted the dictates or will of others over our own and encourages us to consider our own preferences—and yes, your preferences matter very much! You are here to create your own reality, not the reality someone else has assigned to you.

Now is the time to examine any situations that may be making you feel trapped or confined. Where do you desire freedom in your life? Trust yourself and tune into your intuition. We are being asked to tune into our intuition with every choice we make, and to be attuned to this inner wisdom as often as possible. Ultimately, you know what is best for you. Now is a time when many people are breaking free of controlling systems and puncturing the dissolving matrix of control of old systems. Flowing with the signs the universe delivers to you is beneficial to you always. Remember that the universe is always communicating with us; look for signs like feathers that could be reminders that your angels or guides are always there for you, and other symbols that have personal meaning to you.

Mantra: I am attuned to my intuition. I am attuned to my wisdom. I trust myself to make the choices that are for my highest good. I know that I am divinely supported and loved.