Daily Reading: December 1, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the first day of the twelfth month. One is a number of opportunities, fresh starts, manifestation, and new beginnings. It is also a number of focus, motivation, individuality, and integrity. It asks us to stand strong in who we are, maintaining our focus on what we desire to create without letting others sway us or stand in our way. The number one carries aspects of progress, tenacity, confidence, and leadership. We may be stepping into leadership roles now, or perhaps energetically preparing to enter them. It is helpful when we flow with the situations that are appropriate for us and consider any opportunities that are presented to us now; these are gifts that can only be realized once they are opened. Once we accept the offers—using our discretion, of course, as to what is right for us, carefully considering them without immediately discounting the potential they may hold for us—only then can we realize the power they may have to move us forward, advance, and elevate in various aspects of our lives.

Every month—much like every day, week, and year—is a container that holds a certain energy. Of course, this energy shifts and changes, grows and evolves, as it progresses. Twelve is a number of cycles. December being the last month of the year, we are headed toward the end of a cycle, the end of 2020. Being that we are also now in a waning moon phase, this is a time in which the energies support the clearing, releasing, and healing of energies that do not serve us. We are asked to continue clearing, regardless of how long we have been doing this work, as we are headed collectively toward a major upleveling that begins with us as individuals. We are always healing on some level. Noticing what comes to the surface that is jarring or causes you to lose focus or momentum is a way that our inner being brings our attention to what we need to process and let go of so we can heal and become stronger, better versions of ourselves. We are also asked to set our sights on the new that we wish to create, and to sit with the feeling of the desired state of being a little while each day, as it will be time well spent. 

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date yields eight, a number of abundance and manifestation. Eight often relates to material wealth, which can include money, property, and other material assets. However, the figure eight is also the lemniscate, or infinity symbol, turned on its side. This points to our eternal spiritual nature, and the fact that we are all worthy and deserving of abundance. The greatest abundance of all is that which is felt with the heart, which is the wellspring of all things eternal. This month, as we come together with our communities and in celebrations with friends and family, let’s make the most of these opportunities to create heart-centered connections—to laugh, to love, and to celebrate all that is divine within each of us as we honor the place where we are in every given moment, how far we have come, and the journey ahead. As we send love and gratitude to our support systems and the loving relationships in our lives, we strengthen those foundations to create a more beautiful tomorrow and brighter days ahead. The love and gratitude that we send to others has far-reaching effects that are felt throughout the collective and provide a healing force for all.

Mantra: I welcome more love into my heart and honor my loving connections. I welcome abundance and new opportunities with an open heart. I send love and healing out to my community.

Daily Reading: October 19, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the nineteenth day of the month, and nineteen is associated with endings and beginnings. Where one indicates manifestations, fresh starts, and the new entering your life, nines bring endings and finales. With nines, we look to leaving the old behind—whether relationships, energies, or old baggage we might be holding onto—so that we can make room for what is fresh, new, and beneficial to enter our lives. Because one and nine add up to ten, the aspect of closure is especially highlighted. It’s time to walk away. One analogy for these current energies is moving house—you have packed up your bags and boxes, loaded up the truck, done the last look-over of the old place, ensured that it is empty and clean, and now it’s time to hop in the truck and drive away.

The numbers in today’s date add up to six, a number of harmony and balance. The changes and transformations we are experiencing now are bringing about harmony in our lives. For many of you, this may be long-awaited. These transitions are bringing about a sense of greater balance, peace, and resolutions. Situations and relationships that were riddled with difficulty suddenly become resolved, smooth, and harmonious. While these changes may appear sudden on the surface, much energetic preparation has taken place to pave the way for these transformations, strengthening and building the foundations over time to create the physical, manifested results. Moving forward with confidence, knowing that these changes are beneficial to you and those around you, smoothes transitions and improves energy flows. Flowing gently out of one cycle and into the next with ease and grace is ideal to ensure the greatest possible benefit for you and all around you. Even when things look rocky, knowing that you are divinely supported and loved unconditionally by your team in spirit serves you well and helps bring about a sense of peace. Know that these changes are for the better and that you are sailing to brighter shores, leaving the old behind. It’s time to leave the past in the past and acknowledge and honor the lessons and wisdom you have gained through your experiences, looking ahead with excitement and enthusiasm to what lies ahead.

Mantra: I release the past with trust and faith, knowing that I am divinely supported and loved unconditionally. I know that everything is always improving for me and I welcome change for the better.