Daily Reading: October 4, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the fourth day of the month, and fours are associated with stability and solid foundations.

The month of October brings an energy of fulfillment and completion, signified by the number 10.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 9 (10 + 4 + 2020 = 9). Nines signify endings. Today is a good day to release emotions and feelings that aren’t supporting you or bringing you joy. Simply intending to release what needs to be released for your highest good and opening your heart to what supports you, uplifts you, and makes you shine is a powerful way of shifting your energy and vibration and welcoming happiness into your life. Those improved energies strengthen our foundations and support us in every way.

2020 brings us clear sight and clarity as it shakes up what does not serve us, both individually and as a collective, making room for stronger, more established and stable foundations from which to build our future. What is happening now is the result of co-created manifestations, signified by the doubled twos in the year—one two standing for our collaborative co-creation and the other two standing for our co-creative partnership with our team in spirit and the universal energies supporting our manifestations. Adding the numbers of 2020 together gives us four—a powerful symbol of stability appearing once more.