Daily Reading: December 23, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-third day of the twelfth month. Twenty-three carries aspects of two and three, which are numbers of partnership and manifestation, respectively. Two and three adding up to five brings forth energies of change, growth, and expansion. Especially in focus today is change that has caused us to desire new and better circumstances for ourselves, that has created change within us, and that has served as the catalyst for the manifestation of improvements within. These internal improvements can include inner strength, a deeper understanding of ourselves, and a strengthening connection to our true nature; the more we truly know ourselves, the more we can tap into what is most aligned with us and with our highest path and purpose. Five is a number that also indicates freedom, and as we attune more to our own frequency through a deeper connection to our inner being, we gain freedom of mind, which in turn impacts our lives on every level, allowing us to soar to greater heights, more empowered and stronger than ever before and more grounded in the understanding of what we are truly capable of being, doing, and creating.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us twelve, and three. Three is a number of manifestation, of communications and community, and may now indicate celebrations with loved ones and the joys of coming together. We are guided now to stay positive, to keep our thoughts focused in a positive way, and to let the harmonious relationships in our lives serve as a catalyst for improved positivity and a sunnier outlook on life. Relishing the happy times benefits us on many levels, and allowing ourselves to revel in the joys brings us greater happiness and also supports and strengthens our energy. Our energetic health is always important, and we can maintain high levels of energetic cleanliness through allowing ourselves to feel fully the joy of happy interactions, and through taking salt baths, getting out in nature, meditation, relaxation, self-care, and soaking up the sun. The stronger our energetic field, the better equipped we are to navigate through life and make the most of every moment. Twelve indicates the end of a cycle, and as we are reaching the conclusion of the year, we are guided to consider what we no longer need, and to start turning away from it so we can leave it behind and move into something better. Likewise, we are guided to set goals and intentions for the year ahead, and to spend time visualizing what we want to happen for us and how we want our lives to look in the coming year.

Mantra: I welcome positive change and improvements on every level. I release what I no longer need and expand into joy and freedom.

Daily Reading: December 3, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the third day of the twelfth month. Three carries energies of community, celebrations, manifestation, the prosperous results of collaborations, and fruitful partnerships. Three also relates to joy, inspiration, freedom, happiness, fun, and enthusiasm. We are guided to do what we can to embrace and embody these energies and to allow ourselves to rise up into these elevated emotions so that we can experience higher states of being. In this way, we also impact the energies of those around us. However, each person is responsible for their own state of being and their own emotions. Regardless of the emotional states of those around us, we can always take ownership of our own emotional state of being and choose joy and love above all.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date yields ten, and one. Where ten represents the end of a cycle, one indicates new beginnings and opportunities that may lead us down new paths. These changes are for the positive, and we allow more of what is good to flow to us when we release resistance and open up to the path ahead. Flowing into what comes next while directing our focus and attention to where we want to go and our desired state of living and being is a way of making the best use of the energies at hand to shape our reality. Allowing things to manifest in their own time and honoring divine timing may be important, as is continuing to believe in what we desire, and knowing when to release it to the universe. One is also a number of focus and determination, and reminds us to set goals for the path ahead so that we can embrace the fresh starts, opportunities, and newly developing manifestations to shape them with our focus, according to our desires.

We are guided to continue clearing our path this month. Doing this a little each day will help us prepare for the new year ahead. Spending a little time each day considering what energetic debris lies on your path and what you can clear to make room for joy and abundance may serve you well. Surrounding the energetic debris with light in visualizations can help transmute it. Feeling through the emotions that accompany it may be necessary to allow it to release; as you release emotionally, you can give those emotions to the universe and to your allies to be transmuted and ask for your own healing, then visualize yourself surrounded with golden healing light. Even what feels like small efforts amount to something substantial and potentially life-changing over time. We are always changing, always growing, always loved and supported in all that we do. 

Mantra: I greet this day with an open heart and welcome joy and love. I release and transmute what does not serve me and invite light to take its place.

Daily Reading: November 10, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the tenth day of the eleventh month. Ten is a number of endings, conclusions, closure, and finality. We may be reaching the end of a cycle and saying our last goodbyes to whatever we are walking away from as we head into a brand new day—almost as if we are walking along a beach toward a beautiful sunrise, not looking back at the darkness we leave behind. We know that it is gone and will never return, and neither will we. All that lies before us now is the glittering shore. And although we will certainly encounter new experiences along the way, which encompass the spectrum of life experience, both positive and negative, we are seeing that our positive expectations are more consistently manifesting desired outcomes.

The numbers in today’s date add up to seven, which carries energies of good fortune, divine partnership, manifesting, and expansion. We may be entering a period of growing awareness of our spiritual abilities and increasing them multifold. This number also carries aspects of healing and independence. We are guided to spend time in quiet contemplation. This time to ourselves is important to allow us to sort through, process, and clear past experiences. This brings improved energetic purification and is an important part of the healing process. The more we process, clear, and heal, the more clarity we gain in our minds and hearts and the more we expand into our spiritual gifts and abilities. We are essentially making room for them as we create balance within. From this place of balance, we can manifest more quickly and perceive with greater clarity. This also allows us to connect more strongly to our own hearts and minds, and to our intuition. This is a way of laying the foundation for the days to come. Growth and healing is a process, and we gradually gain increased clarity along the way. It is important to be patient with ourselves and to remember that we are eternal beings here at a certain point or stop along the way, which is this now moment. We only and always and ever have now.

Mantra: I allow myself to heal in all of the ways that serve my highest good. I welcome greater clarity and balance as I expand my abilities and continue rising up into my highest path and purpose.

Daily Reading: October 10, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the tenth day of the month, and tens are associated with completion, fulfillment, success, and the closing out of cycles.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 6 (10 + 10 + 2020 = 6). Sixes are numbers of balance, harmony, family, love, stability, peace, justice, grace, integrity, protection, and healing. Combined with the energies of ten, sixes indicate a new cycle beginning with the closure of the old one that brings the aspects and energies of six. Tens also carry the energy of 1 + 0, where one indicates new beginnings and manifestations, and zeroes indicate the God-force, Source, and creator energies.