Daily Reading: November 20, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twentieth day of the eleventh month. Twenty brings aspects of partnership, balance, and duality. The zero in today’s date carries strong energies of manifestation and creation. All things are possible. Twos can indicate the need for greater balance or improving stability in material and financial matters. It can point to a second source of income or new partnerships. It can also indicate co-creative aspects, as you may be involved in a significant partnership with someone in the physical or nonphysical. Partnerships with other creators, business associates, friends, or employers are mutually beneficial; you are helping one another to succeed and are both receiving greater benefits as a result of this partnership. Working together to create is strongly indicated now, and we are all asked to stay focused on the most positive outcomes for the greatest benefit of all.

The numbers in today’s date add up to eight, a number of abundance and prosperity that underscores today’s creative aspects and energies. What we are working together to create can have lasting benefits. We are building something important now that will continue to build in momentum. We are asked to support others; when someone is struggling, reaching out to offer guidance from a place of kindness and respect is important. Valuing others can be a powerful way of supporting them. As we build up others, we strengthen in ourselves and in our abilities to create and co-create. Partnerships are so important now, and ensuring they are strong benefits us all. We are creating abundance together, and through our partnerships, we are bringing it forth to others in a way that has a broader impact than may be immediately apparent. 

Mantra: I can create and experience all that my heart desires. I welcome love and gratitude and open my heart to receive all that I have asked for. My partnerships are strengthening for the highest good of all.

Daily Reading: October 20, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twentieth day of the month, and twenty is associated with duality, partnership, and balance. Twos are numbers that bring aspects of supportive alliances and cooperative relationships, and zero carries the energies of the divine, of manifestation, creation, and source energy (zero-point manifestation is strongly indicated).

The number 20 repeats three times in today’s date. Threes are powerful numbers rich with historic symbolism. Three is the number of the Ascended Masters (like Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Sanat Kumara). The 20 triad indicates connection and partnership with the divine, especially the Ascended Masters. The numbers in today’s date add up to 7, a number that is associated with good fortune, spiritual awakening and development, manifestation, intuition and inner wisdom, psychic abilities, independence, and freedom. The numerological aspects combined indicate a strong, supportive divine force that is around us and available to us at any time. Because we have free will, divine beings cannot interfere in our lives but are there to assist us when we ask; all we have to do is ask. When we call on the angels, allies, and Ascended Masters for assistance, they are there immediately and are so ready to help us. Leaning into trust and faith, knowing that we are powerfully, divinely supported at all times, is key. The message today is that we can have, do, and be all that we desire. The key is to believe: believe in yourself, believe that you are supported, and believe that you deserve and can have all that you desire. To desire is not greedy; we are here to create. Through learning to create, we expand, and this energy extends to the collective and assists in the expansion of humanity.

Mantra: I lean into my powerful support and know that I am divinely supported and unconditionally loved. I embrace the energies of unconditional love, kindness, and compassion.