Trusting the Process

Photo & painting by Victoria Constantino

Imagine you’re driving down a road at night. The only illumination is coming from your headlights, and beyond that, the rest is a mystery, shrouded in darkness. You trust that the road continues beyond what you can see, so you keep driving, the guidelines painted on the road snaking off endlessly into the hidden distance.

The healing journey is a little bit like that, and so is life. We keep going, because we trust that there will be a next thing, and a next, that we won’t suddenly cease to exist or fall off into planar nothingness. The healing journey is ours to navigate. It’s important that we trust the guideposts to show us the way. In order to see them, though, we must be paying attention.

Doing the work sometimes means navigating through darkness. Sometimes our only light comes from within, but our inner light is the brightest light of all. Once we uncover it, we remember who we are; we remember our truth. We may reach a point where we decide that we want to discard everything that covers up that light. Through a process of healing, clearing, and releasing—one layer at a time—we discover how brightly we can really shine.

As long as we keep moving and keep desiring to heal and grow, we will. No matter how blocked off we are or how deep our pain, we can reach that heart-opened place of allowing where the answers flow to us and the guideposts light up like beacons. Where we flow easily in alignment with our higher self and receive our highest guidance as naturally as we inhale breath into our lungs.

The more we trust, the more we let go of our grip and relax the need to control outcomes. That’s when things start to come together. Great ideas flow to us, solutions spring up in our path, and we realize suddenly how far we have come. We look back on the times we leaned into trust and flowed with the process, and understand that it led us to exactly where we needed to be.

Daily Reading: October 30, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the thirtieth day of the month, and thirty brings aspects of joy, celebration, manifestation, and the divine. When we connect to our divine nature, or the higher self, along with our divine allies and partners in the nonphysical, we can create magnificent outcomes and all that our hearts desire. Zero is a number of divinity, of infinite potential and possibility, while three is a number of manifestation that is also associated with the Ascended Masters. Reading about and further exploring zero point manifestation can be beneficial. Today’s guidance is to explore the zero state in meditation.

The numbers in today’s date add up to eight, a number of abundance, prosperity, and increase. The energies at this time are powerfully supporting our manifestation and creations. We are in a time of profound change, and these changes are happening for our benefit. The image I’m being shown is of choppy waters that churn up debris in order for it to come to the surface for clearing and removal. When the process is complete, the waters will be clear and better for us to move about in. As the energies that are not working clear out, we can manifest more quickly and move forward with fewer obstacles to get to where we want to be. It is hard for a boat to move through waters with debris piled up at the bottom; this debris can create tears in the boat and cause it to sink or stop it altogether if it becomes wedged in the debris. We are asked to look within and see what needs to be cleared; it is so important for us to be really honest with ourselves and look at what needs to go and what isn’t working for us, and then set the intention for it to shift and clear out of our field. This intention greatly impacts our energy and translates into sea changes in every area of our lives. Once the clearing process is underway, you will begin to see vast improvements in just about every area of your experience as the physical changes and improvements begin to manifest from what begins as a shift in energy. Being patient with yourself, trusting the process, and remembering that everything is energy can be helpful.

Mantra: I choose to release everything that is not working for me; it is cleared, released, and transmuted according to my highest good. From a place of clarity, I can create the wonderful life I deserve and desire.

Daily Reading: October 27, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-seventh day of the month, and twenty-seven brings energies of partnership and co-creation with the divine and our allies in the nonphysical. It also brings a doubling of good fortune and amplified psychic ability. In this time leading up to the full blue moon, our spiritual abilities are growing and increasing. Our instincts are sharpening as the veil between worlds is thinning. We are asked to stay in a high vibration and to protect our energy, especially as energies are clearing for the collective and for Gaia.

The numbers in today’s date add up to five, a number of change. Old cycles continue to close and new ones are beginning. We are asked to honor our past experiences, to keep the lessons and let go of the rest. Writing out what you have learned from situations good and challenging, and making lists of what you have accomplished can help you gain perspective. Trust yourself during this time and believe that you can always make the best decisions. Even when something turns out in a less than desirable way, knowing that things are always working out for you and trusting the process can be so powerful. We are asked to believe in ourselves and know that we are flowing through changes into something better, and we are being guided to flow through these transitions without struggle to ensure that the shifts are as smooth for us as possible. We are upleveling and reaching higher states of awareness. Knowing that you are of the light can be a powerful way of grounding into your highest good as you rise up into your highest path and purpose.

Mantra: The changes that are taking place for me are for my highest good. I honor the lessons of the past and release the rest as I welcome what is better with love and gratitude.

Daily Reading: October 7, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the seventh day of the month, and sevens are associated with psychic ability, inner knowing, intuition, manifestation, spirituality, good fortune, and healing.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 3 (10 + 7 + 2020 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3). Threes, like sevens, are associated with manifestation and psychic ability. Threes also bring energies of joy, imagination, growth, expansion, and increase. Where sevens can indicate the intellect and inventions, threes can be associated with talents and skills. These two numbers encourage us to use our gifts to create—whether artwork, new business ideas, inventions, or anything else that results from our inspiration and thought.

Threes are also associated with the ascended masters. Today, and every day, we can call on Jesus for healing and peace, and Buddha for joy and spontaneity. Quan Yin is another ascended master who is available to help us in any way we ask, and Mother Mary can provide us with nurturing, love, and healing.