Daily Reading: December 28, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth month. Twenty-eight indicates abundance through partnerships. It also tells us that when we create harmony and balance in our thoughts and actions, it extends into our external, physical, visible lives. Creating this energetically builds stability and establishes a platform upon which we can build and grow what will last and bear fruit for years to come. We are asked to stay positive, stay focused, and to stay on our path. If our path is unclear at the moment, we are guided to keep returning to what brings us joy. As we continue healing in the ways that serve us, we are strengthening ourselves on every level, beginning with the energetic.

The ten resulting from the combination of two and eight indicates endings, conclusions, completion, and fulfillment. We may be reaching an end to certain cycles in our lives, some momentous, others less apparent and transpiring in the realm of the unseen. Ceremonies, accolades, celebrations, and coming together with friends, family, and associates are indicated now. As we mark milestones through such occasions, we are bringing about an energetic finality that prepares us to move into what comes next. During times of ceremony, even those that mark endings that are not as joyful or momentous, we benefit most from feeling fully all of the emotions surrounding the occasion and processing them completely, so that when the event is done, we can let go and allowing the ending to fulfill its completion, so that we are free and clear and prepared to welcome in positive new energy, situations, and opportunities to the fullest and highest extent.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us seventeen, and eight. Seventeen is a powerful number of fortunate new beginnings, happy opportunities, and manifestations, and also indicates a new spiritual path or journey. You may be feeling called to help others and are now stepping forward on your path as a lightworker, perhaps as a teacher or healer. You may be growing in awareness of your life path, purpose, and soul mission for this lifetime and gaining clarity on spiritual aspects of your own journey that are impacting you deeply and meaningfully, providing new clarity for your path forward. Prosperity and auspicious new beginnings are also indicated in seventeen, which reduces to eight, the number of infinite abundance. We are guided to be responsible and to practice integrity in all that we say and do, and to honor others as we would honor ourselves, to unfailingly treat others with kindness, and to strive to bring joy and light to the hearts and minds of those under our influence and to those around us. There is now a great separation as we turn away from what was, from darkness into light, from pain into joy, from despair into a knowing that the universe infinitely provides, and we are asked to welcome the light into our hearts, minds, and lives. We are coming into a fuller understanding of the greatness of our being, of our true divine nature, and feeling more strongly what we came here to do, and who we came here to be. We are guided to trust our hearts above all.

Mantra: I trust in the infinite abundance of the universe. I welcome harmony and stability and step forward onto my path with joy. 

Daily Reading: December 21, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-first day of the twelfth month. Twenty-one brings new beginnings in partnership with divine, universal forces. As some parts of the world are now heading into an increase in light as the days will now begin to lengthen, the momentum toward powerful, positive change is building and growing steadily. We are, as always, strongly supported in our healing and manifestations and in our soul growth by the energies at hand and by our allies in the nonphysical. Setting intentions today can be powerful as we align the head and the heart, our thoughts and emotions, with where we want to be, with how we want to feel, and with the joyful improvements that are ahead of us. Today marks a pivot point that propels us into the Age of Aquarius, a time of enlightenment and prosperity, of new understandings and rapid technological advancement. We are coming to know ourselves as never before, knowing ourselves as the divine creators that we truly are, the powerful manifestors of reality that we came here to be. It is in this knowing that we can reach our true potential, grounded in the heart-centered understanding that true power is based in unconditional love, the most powerful force in the universe.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date brings us ten, a number of completion and fulfillment. The old ways are gone, the past is history, and we are headed into a bright new future. Better times are ahead and we are on the cusp of this new cycle now; it is newly beginning, a beautiful seed beginning to sprout. This seed will grow into a mighty oak. New ways are coming that honor the wisdom of the old ways that were lost and forgotten. We attune to our ancestral wisdom, to the wisdom that is still rooted and held within the earth and carried by Gaia herself. This wisdom is coming forth again and is supported with new understandings; it is relevant for where we are in every now moment, even as we shift and change our reality, shaping and moulding it like clay. We have been collectively asking for improvements for centuries beyond imaging, for as long as humanity has been conscious, and this momentum has been building and increasing and shaping our collective world in ways that we are just beginning to grasp. When we attune to our deeper wisdom and to the knowledge and understanding that we hold within our very DNA, we are supported by ancient guidance that, when combined with our intuition and the support of our allies in the light, strengthens our understanding as we forge the path ahead for our brightest future.

Mantra: I welcome in bright new beginnings. I release the past and honor the new with love. I set the intentions now for my best possible future and receive all that is in alignment with my highest path and purpose. [Follow this with intention-setting.]

Daily Reading: November 28, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-eighth day of the eleventh month. Twenty-eight supports energies of harmonious partnerships that can yield long-term benefits in terms of abundance and overall prosperity. We may begin seeing more wealth, financial stability, and increasing material comfort, either as a result of our co-creations with others or through our co-creative partnership with the higher self and our team in spirit. Today’s energies support our growth and expansion in multiple areas.

The two and eight in today’s date add up to ten, a number of completion and fulfillment. Some things are just beginning to wrap up now and other situations may still be concluding. As the old energies clear away, they make room for the new to flow in. You may be finding ways to release resistance and beliefs that are blocking you from receiving what you have asked for. As you clear, heal, and transmute that which does not serve you, you open up to receive and allow more in. Expect new opportunities and manifestations. This is also a powerful time of transformation. As we expect our lives to change in positive ways we allow for these shifts to take place on our behalf. Setting intentions first thing in the morning establishes how the energies will flow and creates a container for each day as you set forth how you want it to take shape.

Adding up all of the numbers in today’s date yields seven, which is a number of good fortune, luck, expansion, spiritual development, and strengthening psychic abilities. This number tells us that today brings opportunities for us to tap into our inner resources and expand our gifts. We may be entering a new period of growing awareness. This awareness helps us to be more perceptive in our relationships and in how we communicate with and understand others. It supports us in every way, guiding us more strongly in ways that align with our highest truth and purpose. Many of us are gaining a strengthening awareness of our life purpose and soul mission for this lifetime. Today may bring insights that come to you with crystal clarity, lightning flashes out of a clear blue sky. Be ready for perceptive insights and sudden flashes of intuition and clear knowing.

Mantra: This day brings me powerful positive improvements on things that matter greatly to me. My communications are blessed with grace, unconditional love, truth, purity, clarity, wisdom, understanding, and integrity.

Daily Reading: November 19, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the nineteenth day of the eleventh month. Nineteen brings forth endings, conclusions, and aspects of completion. Certain phases, cycles, or situations may soon be coming to an end. You may start to see evidence of various things wrapping up in your life; know that this is a sign that it is time to move on from those things and into something better. Better most certainly awaits you and begins to flow to you more strongly as you move away from what is ending. Movement is a powerfully ally; even as you shift perspective, you shift the energy around you and encourage positive change to flow to you. Today’s guidance is to shift your gaze to where you intend to go, to where you really want to be.

The numbers in today’s date add up to seven, which lends aspects of spirituality and expansion, along with good fortune, to today’s developments. Wrapping things up with a bow is a phrase that is indicated here. Awards, gifts, certificates, and mementos of completion could be delivered to you soon. Allowing yourself to relax in the feeling of accomplishment will be beneficial to you and will draw like energies to you. Even if you have not formally accomplished or completed something yet, it is useful now to consider all that you have accomplished and sit with those feelings in gratitude and appreciation to yourself and to your support network and the circumstances that allowed you to make those achievements. 

Mantra: I allow what needs to end in my life to conclude with finality in a spirit of grace, love, and compassion. I welcome better to flow to me at all times.

Daily Reading: November 4, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the fourth day of the eleventh month; four is a number of stability, balance, and solid foundations. Today, we can benefit from considering where we could use more balance. As we shift our focus there, we are vibrationally asking for greater integrity in these areas of our lives. From there, the solutions can come. Organization and practicality may serve us well today.

The numbers in today’s date add up to ten, a number of completion and fulfillment. Something has concluded for us, either individually or as a collective. With this ending comes a new beginning, and in the between time from one cycle to the next, it can benefit us to ruminate on what we have learned and celebrate our accomplishments. This strengthens our energy and helps us to integrate the wisdom and lessons we have learned, and is the final stage of mastery for the concluding cycle that allows us to move into what comes next. 

The importance of taking time to honor our achievements cannot be understated. This helps with the integration of confidence and the knowing of our worthiness, and prepares us to move through new circumstances and situations from an elevated state. With the completion of cycles, we experience an upleveling. Consistently focusing from an elevated state and seeing ourselves as continually more improved versions of ourselves benefits us greatly. Mantras, when repeated—either aloud or silently—shift our energy and provide a vehicle for the setting of intentions, which lead to manifestations.

Mantra: I trust in my wisdom and honor my experiences. I am continually rising up into my highest path and purpose. Everything is always improving for me.

Daily Reading: October 23, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-third day of the month, and twenty-three brings energies of cooperation, partnership, and manifestation. New connections are indicated today. Because two and three add up to five, today also brings energies of change, five being a number of transitions and transformations. Today may be a crucial pivot point for some of you. Look for opportunities and shifts that provide you with the chance to take another path; your path may fork now, and you could be presented with an option to go in another direction. It is important to feel into your intuition before making decisions. How does something make you feel? If you feel joyful when you think about it, and it makes you feel better than when you think about staying on your current path, then it could lead to great things for you. Trust your instinct above all. Sometimes it is important to tune out the external noise of other voices and opinions to determine what is right for you, what you really want. Take your time and make your own choices.

The numbers in today’s date add up to ten, a number of completion, endings, and subsequent beginnings. You may come to the end of something in your life or energetically, you may be reaching the end of a cycle. Know that you are ready for what comes next. Take time to celebrate today and this weekend, and to enjoy everything good in your life—the abundance, the harmony, the relationships, the beauty and the nature all around you. Take time to laugh, to love, to think, and to be still. Know that you are so very loved. Remembering that we are sourced from love is powerful today and every day.

Mantra: Everything in my life keeps getting better and better. I am upleveling in every way. I trust in my divine guidance. I trust my instinct.

Daily Reading: October 10, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the tenth day of the month, and tens are associated with completion, fulfillment, success, and the closing out of cycles.

Adding together all digits in today’s date gives us 6 (10 + 10 + 2020 = 6). Sixes are numbers of balance, harmony, family, love, stability, peace, justice, grace, integrity, protection, and healing. Combined with the energies of ten, sixes indicate a new cycle beginning with the closure of the old one that brings the aspects and energies of six. Tens also carry the energy of 1 + 0, where one indicates new beginnings and manifestations, and zeroes indicate the God-force, Source, and creator energies.