Tarot by the Moon, Victoria Constantino’s debut book on tarot, released on August 8, 2021 from Llewellyn.

From the Wolf Moon in January to the Cold Moon of December, this compelling new book by seasoned tarot reader Victoria Constantino offers tarot spreads and spells that coincide with the moon phases throughout the year. Whether you are seeking guidance or empowerment in the realms of money or career, wish to expand your own internal, spiritual landscape, or are looking for answers on the subjects of relationships and romance or health and well-being, Tarot by the Moon allows you to delve into the many facets of your life using the sacred art of divination, harnessing the energies of the moon to lead you on a meaningful path of self-discovery and awareness in every season.

Offering a fresh take on a beloved tradition, Tarot by the Moon is the ultimate guide for seekers of wisdom, for those on the healing journey, and for anyone who wishes to become empowered in manifesting the life of their dreams. Get ready for a deep dive with 66 spreads and 45 spells, meditations, and rituals. Like a beloved companion, this book helps you to navigate the shifting and often complex aspects of your experience as you search for understanding and work to create powerful, positive, and lasting change in every area of your life. Spells and rituals for each month work with the energies of various lunar phases and are designed to empower you in a greater understanding of yourself; your internal, emotional, and subconscious landscape; and your relationships so you can heal, grow, and thrive. Above all, this book guides you through tapping into universal wisdom to become the powerful creator you are meant to be.

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