January: The Month According to Tarot

January tarot reading
Soul Cards by Kristine Fredheim
Image by Victoria Constantino

As we begin a new year with a clean slate and set intentions for the days ahead, we are supported in our desires. This month sees the seeds we have planted gathering momentum for the manifestation of wonderful opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships. Setting the stage for us to kick off 2023 in the best way possible means preparing energetically, getting clear about what we want, and launching into what comes next from a place of greater harmony and stability. 

Q1: Overall energies of January: King of Pentacles & Ten of Cups

The King of Pentacles, when representing a person, is often someone in a position of power and authority. Here, that figure or energy is offering tremendous fulfillment and joy via the Ten of Cups. This combination can indicate a financial or career opportunity. These energies are indicated throughout the entire month of January, when they will be growing, developing, and gathering momentum for our tremendous benefit and long-lasting success and enjoyment. There is a wonderful opportunity here that may be developing rather quickly. We can support it by strengthening our confidence and self-belief, and by knowing our value and worthiness, expecting only success and continuous improvements for ourselves. 

Q2: Week 1: The Hanged Man

The start of the new year beckons a pause and comes, perhaps, with encouragement to see things from a different perspective. We could benefit from finding new ways of looking at situations and considering different angles, as well as pausing to consider the choices we can make for the year ahead that feel in alignment and that will benefit us in the days to come. Taking time to rest, relax, recharge, and refresh our energies can set a positive tone for the new year. Now is the time to set new intentions and do the inner work of shoring up our belief in our ability to succeed in all we desire. 

Q3: Week 2: Six of Pentacles

Six is a number of harmony and pentacles, representing the material realm, make the Six of Pentacles a card of stability and harmonious influences on the home front and in relationships, career, and finances. We are attracting new opportunities and strengthening our material stability. Relationships may see renewed or deepening commitment, and we may experience strengthening connections all around, we well as overall improved confidence, happiness, inner peace, and stability. Finding a sense of fun and engaging in joy-bringing activities can support positive manifestations and developments this week and beyond. 

Q4: Week 3: Two of Wands

Two elements or forces are coming together. When they unite, they create a synergy that ultimately generates a third, unique aspect. The Two of Wands sometimes indicates collaborations with fruitful  results, whether partnerships with others or with the higher self. We may find ourselves connecting the dots this week in many ways, and we can expect things to fall into place and begin to move forward. We may also be connecting with new ideas that we can bring forward to benefit ourselves and others. Creative collaborations, new projects, and career opportunities may start flowing in now.

Q5: Week 4: Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles often indicates a new project or opportunity, as well as a new source of income. Something is on offer, ready and waiting for us to accept it. The new opportunities that the previous weeks have hinted at are coming forward in manifested form now. Expecting them, believing they will come, is a powerful way of ensuring their arrival. New ideas that feel exciting are always worth pursuing, and we can breathe life into them by believing in their success. Even small, consistent efforts we make toward a larger goal add up to something bigger in the long run. Taking time each day to work toward our dreams—writing a bit in the morning or evening on a book or business plan, working on a painting a little each day, taking fifteen minutes daily to visualize ourselves living and experiencing our dreams—means we are adding more momentum to our goals and they are gradually gathering force. 

Q6: Overall guidance for January: Eight of Wands & The Lovers

A beautiful romance or partnership is coming in quickly, fast and hot! Going with the flow and allowing ourselves to experience the exhilaration and pleasure of the experiences that are available to us now is a way of allowing the momentum to gather steam. The guidance now is to not slow down the energies by second guessing or doubting, and to leave anything that is not positive out of the equation completely to ensure the best and most fruitful possible experience. Allowing ourselves to feel completely the exquisite joy we were meant to experience will yield amazing results. This may indicate the love of a lifetime. For those already in committed relationships, a renewal of vows or rekindling of romance may be indicated. This lovely duo can also indicate a very promising and important career or creative opportunity, collaboration, or partnership.

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