Daily Reading: November 21, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-first day of the eleventh month. Twenty-one brings strong aspects of manifestation. New partnerships and co-creations are highlighted now, and seeds planted previously may soon be sprouting. Enjoying time together with family and friends and sharing moments of joy can not only be uplifting but also get you into the receiving mode, allowing manifestations to gather momentum and begin entering your experience. When you are fully in the moment of an experience, you release your grip on what you want, which releases resistance and allows you to receive.

The numbers in today’s date add up to nine, which indicates that endings and closures are still at hand. We are continuing to clear, release, and transmute old energies and belief systems. With every release, we make room for more blessings, more light, and an improved overall life experience. Leaning into partnerships and support systems can build the momentum of love and further support the process of healing. 

Today, above all, we are guided to lean into love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation. We can be grateful for everything from the breath in our lungs to our friends and allies. Spending time in nature and soaking up the sun’s rays today can be beneficial to us on many levels. Today may bring new, empowering revelations. You may experience heightened levels of awareness, an increase in your perceptive ability, and a stronger connection to your intuition. 

Mantra: I lean into love and support. I send appreciation and gratitude to all good things in my life and welcome better to flow to me, now and at all times. 

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