Daily Reading: November 16, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the sixteenth day of the eleventh month. Sixteen can indicate that we are manifesting new opportunities that will bring us balance and harmony, and that will have a stabilizing impact on our family and domestic life. As the six and one add up to seven, today also lends influences of good fortune, expansion of our spiritual abilities and psychic awareness, and manifestation, in addition to learning, expansion of the intellect, and endeavors of the mind. We may be considering taking a course of study to strengthen or expand our understanding and skills in certain areas; these endeavors can impact our future in positive ways that could lead to an improved financial station and an elevated business or professional status.

The numbers in today’s date add up to thirteen, which reduces to four. Thirteen carries strong energies of manifestation, positive developments, and the birth of new ideas and developments that can have a lasting impact. Four relates to strength, stability, integrity, balance, and solid foundations. When four appears, we may be following a path led by our own strong determination to work toward a goal that we are keen to see through to the end—something we are committed to making work. These endeavors are supported by the universal energies at large. We are asked to loosen our grip, as antithetical as it may seem, in order to receive more fully and to a greater extent the outcomes we desire.

We are reminded that the energies and efforts we put toward something, even small amounts applied consistently, will have beneficial results and are sure to develop into what we wish. This is a way of applying our intention toward a goal, which builds momentum over time. These small efforts applied over time will eventually produce results, much like putting marbles, one at a time, into a bucket will eventually fill the bucket. If we are saving for a specific goal, even a few dollars set aside consistently will eventually add up to a lot. This is a way of creating stability, not just through applied effort, but also energetically as we build something stable and lasting a little at a time.

Mantra: I have the ability to create the outcomes I desire. I am a powerful creator and am worthy and deserving of all that I wish.

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