Daily Reading: November 8, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the eighth day of the eleventh month. Eight is a number of wealth and prosperity, and, because the eight is the infinity symbol shifted vertically, it reminds us of our own eternal nature and our innate ability to tap into and receive infinite abundance. Eight resonates with strength, justice, truth, karma, and integrity. We may feel guided to expand through continuing the release of karma and old energies, especially those related to our family lineage and to past life experiences.

The numbers in today’s date add up to five, which carries energies of change and transformation, as well as travel and freedom. We are guided to expand through making changes. Like a crab outgrows its shell and forms a new one as it expands, we are sloughing off old layers. Trusting in your feelings of desire for increased freedom and expansion is important in tuning into what is cramped and does not serve you well anymore, knowing that you are ready to expand past it and create something new, aligned, and stronger for yourself. You may be moving house or may have outgrown a situation or life circumstances, which can include social circles, friends, jobs, or relationships. Trust in what your intuition and energy is telling you, and know that you are capable of expanding into something fuller, greater, and better than ever before. Continuing visualizations of yourself in the higher, more elevated status you want to be in will serve you especially well now.

Mantra: I trust in my guidance and intuition. I release what no longer serves me and expand easily into improved circumstances. I welcome growth, freedom, and abundance.

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