Daily Reading: November 4, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the fourth day of the eleventh month; four is a number of stability, balance, and solid foundations. Today, we can benefit from considering where we could use more balance. As we shift our focus there, we are vibrationally asking for greater integrity in these areas of our lives. From there, the solutions can come. Organization and practicality may serve us well today.

The numbers in today’s date add up to ten, a number of completion and fulfillment. Something has concluded for us, either individually or as a collective. With this ending comes a new beginning, and in the between time from one cycle to the next, it can benefit us to ruminate on what we have learned and celebrate our accomplishments. This strengthens our energy and helps us to integrate the wisdom and lessons we have learned, and is the final stage of mastery for the concluding cycle that allows us to move into what comes next. 

The importance of taking time to honor our achievements cannot be understated. This helps with the integration of confidence and the knowing of our worthiness, and prepares us to move through new circumstances and situations from an elevated state. With the completion of cycles, we experience an upleveling. Consistently focusing from an elevated state and seeing ourselves as continually more improved versions of ourselves benefits us greatly. Mantras, when repeated—either aloud or silently—shift our energy and provide a vehicle for the setting of intentions, which lead to manifestations.

Mantra: I trust in my wisdom and honor my experiences. I am continually rising up into my highest path and purpose. Everything is always improving for me.

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