Daily Reading: November 1, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the first day of the eleventh month; one is a number of new beginnings and manifestations, and the three ones together indicate a gateway energy of alignment and powerful new beginnings that we are moving into. Together they add up to three, another number of manifestation. This triplicity indicates an exponentially powerful energy of creation. When 111 appears, it asks you to be very mindful of your thoughts and choose them wisely, because they directly inform your energy, the energy all around you, and the people, things, situations, and circumstances you attract—in short, your thoughts inform everything in your life. 

The numbers in today’s date add up to seven, which brings energies of divine partnership and good fortune. As we are co-creating together with our allies in the nonphysical, they are ready and waiting to assist us. We are expanding in our spiritual abilities and coming into a greater and greater awareness of the ways we can use our gifts. We are guided to call on the angels, guides, and Ascended Masters for assistance and support as we expand in our gifts and in our enlightenment. They can bring us wisdom and new understandings that can powerfully shift our perspective and allow us to make significant changes in our lives and in the lives of others. We may be discovering and awakening new abilities, coming into an awareness of our abilities as leaders, and discovering a new assertiveness that aids us in developing initiative and aligning with our life path and purpose. We may be feeling we have a higher calling, and may have felt this for a while, but the calling might be stronger now. We are being guided to heed the call and to step into new roles using our gifts and abilities in whatever ways we feel resonance with. We may start small at first and build from there, much like planting a seed of intention and watching it grow into something bigger. Connecting with your higher self and your intuition will benefit you greatly; like many things, this improves and strengthens with time and practice.

Mantra: I am free to shine my light brightly. It is easy for me to focus on the positive. It is easy for me to step into my highest path and purpose. I am divinely supported and infinitely loved.

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