Daily Reading: November 26, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-sixth day of the eleventh month. Twenty-six carries energies of community, cooperation, partnership, and balance. Today, there is a great opportunity to make and re-establish meaningful connections, and we are strongly supported in the restoration of harmony. Simply setting forth the intention that today will bring greater balance, restore friendships, and strengthen alliances and connections will have a powerful positive impact on the unfolding of the day’s events and on into the weeks ahead. Forgiveness and gratitude are strongly indicated. We are guided to not only forgive others, but forgive ourselves and let go of past mistakes and transgressions, for it is only then that we can begin to heal. And that is when everything changes.

The two and six in today’s date add up to eight, a number of infinite abundance. Today especially holds great opportunities for celebration, community, joyous interactions, harmonious partnerships, and the receiving of great love. Abundance comes to us in many forms, and today we are reminded of the great wealth in friendships, supportive connections, and unconditional love. Making heart-centered connections grounds us in the energy of light, and from there, we are able to facilitate healing for ourselves, in our connections to one another, and for those around us. There is a golden cord that connects us all. When we feel and experience love and joy, it is felt by the collective. When we experience joy, it lifts us all up. 

Gratitude facilitates transformation and creates powerful, positive shifts in our lives. As we feel into what we are thankful for and allow ourselves to really be in the energy of appreciation, we shift our vibration to attract more of the same to us. It can be helpful to remember that we have the ability to choose where we want to be in every now moment and shift our point of attraction. This is a great time to look at the positive aspects and what is going well for us and disregard the rest. This allows the momentum to increase from our focus on the good so that the energy builds to generate better situations and new opportunities, and facilitates improved circumstances and conditions for us on every level. 

All of the digits in today’s date add up to fourteen, and then five. Fourteen carries energies of manifesting new opportunities that strengthen foundations and bring solid support. These support systems can be spiritual, familial, or financial, or they may be in our relationships or careers. Leaning into your support in the nonphysical and giving thanks to your allies and spiritual support team strengthens the connection and the bonds, much like sending positive energy to your friends can improve and strengthen the connection and facilitate healing and understanding. What we are building and creating now is strengthening our future. Similarly, our friendships, alliances, and support networks are helping to solidify aspects of our lives that allow us to create something that will last.

Mantra: I send love and gratitude to my friends, partners, and allies. I am grateful for all of the good in my life, and I know that things are always improving for me. I give and receive love with a grateful, open heart.

Daily Reading: November 25, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-fifth day of the eleventh month. Twenty-five indicates change through partnerships. We are always co-creating with our higher self or inner being, as well as with our allies in spirit and of course anyone on the physical plane, such as business partners and creative associates. Today’s energy supports us in bringing forth new, positive changes. Leaning into and trusting our support, both in the physical and nonphysical, and expecting good things to come to us adds momentum to establish and reinforce our solid, trustworthy alliances and ensures that they are increasingly steady and reliable. Expecting certain things to come to us draws them to us with a magnetic energy. Staying focused in positive expectation and trusting that good changes are developing are especially important in manifesting what we want.

The two and five in today’s date add up to seven, which lends aspects of good fortune and strengthening intuition. It can be beneficial today to check in with your intuition if you have a question about something. When doing so, it is important to set aside any preconceived notions that can unduly influence the truth of what is ready to come forth from your intuition. Being open to all possibilities is key as we remember that the universe often delivers what we have requested in ways we may not have considered. For those reasons, it is important not to dismiss opportunities or developments that come your way, as you could be blocking the very thing you have asked for. 

Be prepared to receive positive changes in unexpected ways. When we set forth our expectations, we are guided to focus on the desired state of being rather than trying to shape how things will come about, as that narrows the possibilities and shuts off outcomes that may have been even better than what we have asked for. Expecting the feeling of freedom, for example, or joy or abundance, opens all possible avenues that will result in your living that freedom, joy, or abundance. When we allow for what have asked for or something better, we are opening the valve much wider for more manifestations to flow to us through an expanded variety of possibilities. 

All of the digits in today’s date add up to thirteen, and then four. Where thirteen indicates the manifestation of new opportunities and seeds you planted through intention beginning to sprout, four carries aspects of solid foundations and strengthening support systems. What you have been working toward is building and solidifying. You are powerfully supported in what you are creating. 

Mantra: I expect powerful, positive changes. I gratefully receive what I have asked for or something better. I remain open to all possibilities and trust that the universe is delivering to me what is for my greatest benefit.

Daily Reading: November 24, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month. Twenty-four indicates the strengthening of foundations through partnerships and alliances, whether in the physical or nonphysical. As we work to co-create, we are asked to keep our focus on the positive and generative, and to look toward how we can strengthen what we are building so that it is strong and enduring. As we do so, we fortify our own ability to manifest in a more clear and focused way that swiftly delivers to us what we desire. Today, we are guided to expect what we want to come to us. When we expect something, we are focusing our energy in what we wish to have, do, or be from a place of belief that it will come. When we know that something is coming to us, it certainly will.

The two and four in today’s date add up to six, a number of harmony and balance that is built on the solid foundations indicated by the four. We may be reaching toward something that will last for generations as we work to create what will serve those beyond ourselves and our immediate realm of understanding. We may be working to create improved conditions for others by sending healing light and love to those around the globe or to those in our community and anyone in need. Considering how you can support others through your business, work, and career is also in focus now. 

Through giving, whether by the sending of healing energies to others or through some tangible, physical means, we may help to shift others’ energies and perceptions to tip the scale toward the light. A small act of kindness may be the tipping point that reminds someone of the inherent goodness of humanity and of the connectedness of us all as one human family, as a collective of Source energy here on this planet in physical, manifested form. We are guided to send love into dark situations and to those who are not in the light. Rather than taking things personally, we are asked to send light and healing rather than feeding any negative momentum. Step by step, one thought and intention at a time, we are changing the world.

Mantra: I send light and love to those who need it. I always think, speak, and act with integrity. My foundations are strengthening and what I create will benefit others for generations to come.

Daily Reading: November 23, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-third day of the eleventh month. Twenty-three can indicate balance, partnerships, collaborations, and the manifestations that come from our work with others. Even when we are not working with other people on something in particular, we are always co-creating with our higher self, nonphysical allies, and universal forces. Anytime we desire something new, we set forth the intention, and the energy, that starts building the momentum to draw it to us. In this process, universal forces are hard at work assembling the cooperative components, an unseen collaboration that is always at hand.

This week, we are guided to reach a place of no-thought, whether through meditation, stillness, or sitting in quiet contemplation. We will find great benefit from resting our minds from the constant chatter and noise that tends to surround us and that can permeate the mind. In the still place within, we hold a gentle power that is sourced from pure love. This power is like water—it can flow softly or roar with an impact that can topple buildings. Though it is amorphous and gentle, it can carve marble simply through patience and persistence. We can accomplish all that we desire when we flow like water—softly, gently, a stream of love flowing from an endless source.

When we lean into love, not only self-love but love for all creatures and all of humanity, love for all beings, we come closer to the source of who we truly are. This allows us to reach ever-greater heights and soar above our current circumstances to discover the greater aspects of our lives and any situations we may be asking about. We are asked to take the bird’s-eye view today and examine what changes we can make that will benefit us. The two and three in today’s date add up to five, a number that brings aspects of change, growth, healing, expansion, life lessons, and choices. Finding that still place within will allow solutions for positive change to flow to us easily. When we reach this place, we are in the receiving mode, where we allow all good things to come to us.

Mantra: In finding the still place within, I discover myself. In discovering myself, I understand unconditional love. In understanding unconditional love, I know the oneness of all.

Daily Reading: November 22, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-second day of the eleventh month. Twenty-two, as a doubling of eleven, indicates that energy is building or ramping up. Elevens hold a gateway energy that is transportive in nature, as it often accompanies or facilitates the passing through into something else—a new phase, a new energy, or a new way of life. As two and two combine to create four, the energies of the new are indicated in aspects of strength, stability, and solid foundations. We are moving into better ways of being and the impact of this is increased with the doubling of eleven into twenty-two. 

Twenty-two is also a master builder number that asks us to flow in order to create, to allow so we can receive. Increase is strongly indicated, as is the positive building of our efforts on strong foundations. Two is a number of harmony and balance. As we find harmony within ourselves, we are able to more easily manifest and create what we desire. Now is a time of expansion when we are guided to dream big, to set our sights on our highest desires and reach toward the feeling of who we wish to be at our most elevated possibility. We can soar to ever-greater heights in who we are and in the life we live. The message is to stay positive, creator, for you are powerful and whatever you think about draws like energy to you.

The series of four twos in today’s date brings powerful energies of partnership, balance, creativity, and creation. We may be co-creating on many levels now, both in the physical and nonphysical. We are guided to nurture greater harmony between the head and the heart, to reach toward a place of no-thought in meditation often. This allows us to connect to our source and our true inner power to create a powerful unity through the flow and through connection to unconditional love, which breaks down barriers and dissolves illusions. When we see with clarity, our focus improves and we can infuse our creations with greater momentum, allowing us to generate more rapid results.

Mantra: I open to receive all that is ready for me according to my highest good. I lean into unconditional love. I send light to my partnerships and strengthen my positive foundations. 

Daily Reading: November 21, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-first day of the eleventh month. Twenty-one brings strong aspects of manifestation. New partnerships and co-creations are highlighted now, and seeds planted previously may soon be sprouting. Enjoying time together with family and friends and sharing moments of joy can not only be uplifting but also get you into the receiving mode, allowing manifestations to gather momentum and begin entering your experience. When you are fully in the moment of an experience, you release your grip on what you want, which releases resistance and allows you to receive.

The numbers in today’s date add up to nine, which indicates that endings and closures are still at hand. We are continuing to clear, release, and transmute old energies and belief systems. With every release, we make room for more blessings, more light, and an improved overall life experience. Leaning into partnerships and support systems can build the momentum of love and further support the process of healing. 

Today, above all, we are guided to lean into love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation. We can be grateful for everything from the breath in our lungs to our friends and allies. Spending time in nature and soaking up the sun’s rays today can be beneficial to us on many levels. Today may bring new, empowering revelations. You may experience heightened levels of awareness, an increase in your perceptive ability, and a stronger connection to your intuition. 

Mantra: I lean into love and support. I send appreciation and gratitude to all good things in my life and welcome better to flow to me, now and at all times. 

Daily Reading: November 20, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twentieth day of the eleventh month. Twenty brings aspects of partnership, balance, and duality. The zero in today’s date carries strong energies of manifestation and creation. All things are possible. Twos can indicate the need for greater balance or improving stability in material and financial matters. It can point to a second source of income or new partnerships. It can also indicate co-creative aspects, as you may be involved in a significant partnership with someone in the physical or nonphysical. Partnerships with other creators, business associates, friends, or employers are mutually beneficial; you are helping one another to succeed and are both receiving greater benefits as a result of this partnership. Working together to create is strongly indicated now, and we are all asked to stay focused on the most positive outcomes for the greatest benefit of all.

The numbers in today’s date add up to eight, a number of abundance and prosperity that underscores today’s creative aspects and energies. What we are working together to create can have lasting benefits. We are building something important now that will continue to build in momentum. We are asked to support others; when someone is struggling, reaching out to offer guidance from a place of kindness and respect is important. Valuing others can be a powerful way of supporting them. As we build up others, we strengthen in ourselves and in our abilities to create and co-create. Partnerships are so important now, and ensuring they are strong benefits us all. We are creating abundance together, and through our partnerships, we are bringing it forth to others in a way that has a broader impact than may be immediately apparent. 

Mantra: I can create and experience all that my heart desires. I welcome love and gratitude and open my heart to receive all that I have asked for. My partnerships are strengthening for the highest good of all.

Daily Reading: November 19, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the nineteenth day of the eleventh month. Nineteen brings forth endings, conclusions, and aspects of completion. Certain phases, cycles, or situations may soon be coming to an end. You may start to see evidence of various things wrapping up in your life; know that this is a sign that it is time to move on from those things and into something better. Better most certainly awaits you and begins to flow to you more strongly as you move away from what is ending. Movement is a powerfully ally; even as you shift perspective, you shift the energy around you and encourage positive change to flow to you. Today’s guidance is to shift your gaze to where you intend to go, to where you really want to be.

The numbers in today’s date add up to seven, which lends aspects of spirituality and expansion, along with good fortune, to today’s developments. Wrapping things up with a bow is a phrase that is indicated here. Awards, gifts, certificates, and mementos of completion could be delivered to you soon. Allowing yourself to relax in the feeling of accomplishment will be beneficial to you and will draw like energies to you. Even if you have not formally accomplished or completed something yet, it is useful now to consider all that you have accomplished and sit with those feelings in gratitude and appreciation to yourself and to your support network and the circumstances that allowed you to make those achievements. 

Mantra: I allow what needs to end in my life to conclude with finality in a spirit of grace, love, and compassion. I welcome better to flow to me at all times.

Daily Reading: November 18, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the eighteenth day of the eleventh month. Eighteen brings forth the manifestation of opportunities and abundance, as well as new beginnings that increase prosperity and strengthen financial foundations. Today also carries an aspect of release, as the one and eight add up to nine, a number that reminds us of the importance of letting go of what does not serve. It’s time to let go of the old so we can make room for something better. Improved conditions on all levels are possible for us. We are guided to feel into ways we can enrich our experience and are asked to be aware of any blocks or resistance and clear those so we can open up to receive. 

The numbers in today’s date add up to six, a number of integrity, justice, honesty, truth, stability, grace, harmony, and balance. Six can also indicate growth in these areas. Today carries an element of taking time to appreciate beauty, and making improvements to our environment. When we clear clutter, we improve the energy flow around us, which impacts our own energy and our ability to think, focus, and perceive with clarity. A clean environment also improves our mood and has an immediate impact on our ability to perceive and function optimally. Once we create optimal surroundings, we can more easily experience enjoyment and feelings of levity and freedom, which are some key ways we can get into the receiving mode and allow in everything we have asked for. Moments of joy and lightheartedness shift the energy powerfully in ways that allow what we desire to flow to us quickly. 

Just as we would clear clutter from our physical environment, we are also asked to clear energetic and mental clutter. First creating a clean, harmonious, and organized  physical environment strongly supports us in our ability to clear energetically. Today’s guidance is to tune into the heart and the mind, and to seek out anything that is disharmonious or creating static or heaviness. Releasing mental chatter may be important for many of you. Breathing deeply for several minutes every day with the intention of releasing any energies for transmutation (healing) is a powerful way of clearing, healing, and regaining your center. Exploring the natural world, even for a few moments every day, can shift your energy in positive ways. Grounding by releasing energy that does not serve you down into the core of the earth for transmutation is an important daily practice that strengthens your energy more over time.

Mantra: I release and clear what does not serve me and allow what is for my highest good to flow to me with ease. I receive with love and gratitude. 

Daily Reading: November 17, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the seventeenth day of the eleventh month. Seventeen carries energies of manifestation, spiritual expansion, good fortune, and opportunities that may stem from partnerships. Education, learning, and career advancement are highlighted at this time, and you may be considering entering a new field or advancing your skills in some way. Career opportunities and new business may be coming your way today and throughout the week. Something may be developing now that will bring you future increase, which will support you financially and in terms of creating stable footing that enhances the longevity of your enterprises and endeavors.

The numbers in today’s date add up to five, a number of change, growth, healing, progress, expansion, and freedom. You may be facing choices of significance now; feeling into your intuition and considering what is most important to you can help guide you to the decision that is right for you at this time. What is it you desire most? Remember that you can have it all, regardless of how things are taking shape now or how they appear to be. You are encouraged to take control of your energy, your own thoughts, and your state of focused awareness so you can shape your reality into the best possible version, according to your goals and desires. 

Maintaining strong boundaries and staying focused and centered are important. You may be embarking on a spiritual journey now or enhancing your spiritual gifts and abilities, taking things to the next level. Daily spiritual practice is important now through the end of the year, and it is recommended to continue this practice beyond that scope of time, as it benefits you in many unseen yet tangible ways and strengthens your energy, helping to keep your energy pure and your boundaries strong and healthy. The more light you can hold, the greater of an impact you will have on your own life and the lives of others, both those who are immediately around you and those in the collective.

Mantra: I welcome freedom and expansion into the highest and best possible version of myself. I breathe in every now moment and honor my guidance and intuition. I send love and positivity to myself and to the collective.