Daily Reading: October 30, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the thirtieth day of the month, and thirty brings aspects of joy, celebration, manifestation, and the divine. When we connect to our divine nature, or the higher self, along with our divine allies and partners in the nonphysical, we can create magnificent outcomes and all that our hearts desire. Zero is a number of divinity, of infinite potential and possibility, while three is a number of manifestation that is also associated with the Ascended Masters. Reading about and further exploring zero point manifestation can be beneficial. Today’s guidance is to explore the zero state in meditation.

The numbers in today’s date add up to eight, a number of abundance, prosperity, and increase. The energies at this time are powerfully supporting our manifestation and creations. We are in a time of profound change, and these changes are happening for our benefit. The image I’m being shown is of choppy waters that churn up debris in order for it to come to the surface for clearing and removal. When the process is complete, the waters will be clear and better for us to move about in. As the energies that are not working clear out, we can manifest more quickly and move forward with fewer obstacles to get to where we want to be. It is hard for a boat to move through waters with debris piled up at the bottom; this debris can create tears in the boat and cause it to sink or stop it altogether if it becomes wedged in the debris. We are asked to look within and see what needs to be cleared; it is so important for us to be really honest with ourselves and look at what needs to go and what isn’t working for us, and then set the intention for it to shift and clear out of our field. This intention greatly impacts our energy and translates into sea changes in every area of our lives. Once the clearing process is underway, you will begin to see vast improvements in just about every area of your experience as the physical changes and improvements begin to manifest from what begins as a shift in energy. Being patient with yourself, trusting the process, and remembering that everything is energy can be helpful.

Mantra: I choose to release everything that is not working for me; it is cleared, released, and transmuted according to my highest good. From a place of clarity, I can create the wonderful life I deserve and desire.

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