Daily Reading: October 26, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-sixth day of the month, and the energies of twenty-six carry aspects of co-creation and harmonious partnerships at home and with family and romantic connections, as well as in the workplace and with clientele. Sixes bring emotional renewal that leads to greater happiness. Because two and six equal eight, abundance and prosperity are also indicated, along with harmony. Abundance can be linked to happy, harmonious relationships, especially in regards to career and finance, and to personal and familial relationships that bring emotional healing and restoration or that are being healed and emotionally restored.

The numbers in today’s date add up to four, a number of stability, security, strength, and solid foundations. The number four is also associated with the cardinal directions; travel may be on the horizon for some of you. Making plans now for travel in the near future will prove beneficial. Considering investments of money and time now can improve dividends later; look at where you are investing and make any adjustments now. Reading financial bulletins and newsletters may provide you with helpful tips and information. How could your time be better spent or managed? Now is a time to look at what needs strengthening in your life and what improvements you can make to increase stability in those areas.

Four is also associated with the four elements; incorporating aspects of these into your home environment can benefit your health—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This could include rocks, crystals, fresh flowers, or salt for earth; feathers or incense for air; candles for fire; and essential oils or a bowl of fresh water for the water element (fresh salt water can be used to blend earth and water). Paying attention to feng shui and how you can improve your home’s energy by incorporating aspects of this practice into your living spaces is highlighted now; you may look up feng shui charts, examine your living spaces, make any rearrangements, and add corresponding colors to the different areas of your home. This can shift the energy and help it to flow in positive ways.

Mantra: It is easy and natural for me to create improvements in my life. The energy is shifting around me in powerful, positive ways. My foundations are always strengthening in ways that serve me and those I care about.

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