Daily Reading: October 25, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-fifth day of the month, and twenty-five brings energies of partnership with the divine that lead to positive change and transformation. New developments are in progress in your life and may already be making themselves known. Sometimes changes start small and can show up in subtle ways that, on later reflection, we realize were the seedlings of something new and wonderful. The saying, ‘From an acorn, a mighty oak may grow’ comes to mind. The seeds of something beautiful and long-term may be sprouting now. These changes can be energetic as well as physically manifested, and can show up as developing or strengthening spiritual gifts as well as physical situations, conditions, and things.

The numbers in today’s date add up to three, and three is a sacred number that corresponds with manifestation and indicates the results of something brought forth as the result of co-creative partnerships. Those partnerships can be between you and divine or universal forces or between you and other people in your life, such as friends, family, romantic partners, and business or creative partners. Three brings the energies of joy, expansion, growth, and freedom, and is the number of the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters are especially present now and are asking you to call on them for assistance and support in whatever you are working on or working through. Today may bring opportunities for socializing and celebrations. We are asked to speak our minds and our truth with compassion and clarity.

Mantra: I honor and welcome the growth in my life, and know that everything is developing for me according to my highest good.

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