Daily Reading: October 24, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-fourth day of the month, and twenty-four brings energies of co-creation, partnerships, cooperation, balance, harmony, and stability. The four, a doubled two that follows the initial number two indicates increase leading to stability. Partnerships especially are highlighted as bringing us improved support, stability, harmony, balance, and strengthening our foundations. Career, business, finances, creativity, and creation are especially in focus now.

The numbers in today’s date add up to two, further emphasizing alliances, positive aspects of partnerships, and happily working together. We are establishing and/or building upon existing situations and support systems that will serve to create an improved future and more stable outcomes for us and those we are working with and for. We can look to bringing more balance and harmony to our relationships in order to strengthen them as we support each other moving forward. We are co-creating now, each with our own higher self and with other people in our lives, in powerful ways. What we are manifesting is serving us well and has the potential to benefit all involved. It is to our advantage to stay focused on the positive, to maintain a positive outlook, and to keep our eyes on what we desire to create. We are advised to always look for ways we can use our influence for good and positively affect those we work with.

Mantra: It is easy and natural for me to stay focused on what I desire to create. Everything is always looking up for me. The future is bright.

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