Daily Reading: October 22, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-second day of the month, and twenty-two is associated with partnerships, co-creation, stability, strong foundations, and support. Twos indicate partnerships, and the repeated two in today’s date indicates two significant partnerships in your life that already exist and are strengthening, or that will be coming to you soon. These could be career-related and could indicate new clients, employers, friendships, or romantic partners. There are four twos in today’s date, and all of those add up to eight, a number of abundance, so you could be seeing increased prosperity, whether financially or in terms of an abundance of good health, resources, or supportive, positive relationships. Fours also indicate stability, harmony, strength, and balance, and because there are four twos, you may see your existing relationships strengthening significantly and reaching new levels. Marriage proposals and long-term partnerships are indicated at this time.

The numbers in today’s date add up to nine, a number of endings and closure. As we leave the old behind, we are moving into something new. At this time, it may be useful for you to consider what the past has taught you as you welcome a better, brighter future. We are walking into the new right now and into greater wholeness, stronger for the lessons we have learned. These have prepared us for what is to come and has shown us our inner strength. It is important to stand strong in our truths. We also have untapped resources at our disposal that we may just now be becoming aware of or that will soon be revealed to us. We are being asked not to over-analyze the good that is flowing to us. Because of what we have learned from our journey, we are now better able to know when to trust and when to stand guard. Trust in your divine support and expect that good will flow to you. Remember that true power flows from love.

Mantra: I am worthy, strong, and powerful. I am safe at all times. Everything is always improving for me.

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