Daily Reading: October 19, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the nineteenth day of the month, and nineteen is associated with endings and beginnings. Where one indicates manifestations, fresh starts, and the new entering your life, nines bring endings and finales. With nines, we look to leaving the old behind—whether relationships, energies, or old baggage we might be holding onto—so that we can make room for what is fresh, new, and beneficial to enter our lives. Because one and nine add up to ten, the aspect of closure is especially highlighted. It’s time to walk away. One analogy for these current energies is moving house—you have packed up your bags and boxes, loaded up the truck, done the last look-over of the old place, ensured that it is empty and clean, and now it’s time to hop in the truck and drive away.

The numbers in today’s date add up to six, a number of harmony and balance. The changes and transformations we are experiencing now are bringing about harmony in our lives. For many of you, this may be long-awaited. These transitions are bringing about a sense of greater balance, peace, and resolutions. Situations and relationships that were riddled with difficulty suddenly become resolved, smooth, and harmonious. While these changes may appear sudden on the surface, much energetic preparation has taken place to pave the way for these transformations, strengthening and building the foundations over time to create the physical, manifested results. Moving forward with confidence, knowing that these changes are beneficial to you and those around you, smoothes transitions and improves energy flows. Flowing gently out of one cycle and into the next with ease and grace is ideal to ensure the greatest possible benefit for you and all around you. Even when things look rocky, knowing that you are divinely supported and loved unconditionally by your team in spirit serves you well and helps bring about a sense of peace. Know that these changes are for the better and that you are sailing to brighter shores, leaving the old behind. It’s time to leave the past in the past and acknowledge and honor the lessons and wisdom you have gained through your experiences, looking ahead with excitement and enthusiasm to what lies ahead.

Mantra: I release the past with trust and faith, knowing that I am divinely supported and loved unconditionally. I know that everything is always improving for me and I welcome change for the better.

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