Daily Reading: October 16, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the sixteenth day of the month, and sixteen is associated with positive change, developments, and forward progress toward harmony, balance, and stability. It also resonates with selflessness and taking care of others, family, and the home. Within this can be aspects of leadership and responsibility (as well as responsible leadership) that have to do with teaching and nurturing others to bring about improved circumstances and better understandings that facilitate those energies of harmony.

We are being asked to trust ourselves and our intuition as we create improved circumstances for ourselves and others. Giving to others, selflessness, and caring improve the energy flow all around us, between us and the others we give to, and positively impact and lift up the collective. Improved energy flow can assist us in overcoming obstacles and guiding us as we face certain choice points. Our angels, guides, and allies are always there to assist us, just waiting for us to ask for their help. Meditation and quiet contemplation are fruitful during this new moon, which seeks to harmonize and balance every aspect of our lives. As you tune in, it may be useful to reflect on where more balance and harmony is needed as you tune into your inner guidance and lean into the support of your allies to receive any messages from them and your inner wisdom, especially regarding steps you can take that will lead to beneficial outcomes. Today, consider what you can do that will facilitate greater independence, both for yourself and for others.

Mantra: I think, act, and speak from a place of balance and harmony. I perceive with true wisdom and understanding.

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