November: A Reading for the Collective

Image by Victoria Constantino

True to form, the eleventh month of one of the most transformative years in history promises more change. The number eleven represents a gateway energy; the two ones side by side look like a door, and eleven symbolizes the transitory mechanism as one reality transitions into another, or one type of energy transmutes into another, higher form. All of the cards representing the energies for each week in this month are Major Arcana. This tells of karmic, life-changing, and fated events. Some of these events may have to do with our life path, purpose, and soul mission. We can expect powerful changes—sea changes—to happen for us this month. Some may be unexpected, and some may be less than welcome, but know that all is a part of everything working out for your highest good.

Q1: What is the overall energy of November? Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands is a reminder to stand strong and remain courageous. It tells us that we have what it takes to be victorious as we face any challenges head-on and fight for what we believe in. When we push through, one step at a time, toward our goals, always focusing on the outcome we want and keeping it in mind, we ensure that we are steadily getting closer to achieving our desired results. We can accomplish anything we desire with perseverance, and belief in ourselves is a powerful ingredient that commands our success. 

Know that you have what it takes to win any battles and to overcome every challenge, and that you can always draw from the well of inner strength that comes from the magnificent, limitless part of who you really are. And you are never fighting alone; you can always call on your allies in the nonphysical for their support. Your team in spirit is always there for you, but because they cannot interfere with your free will, you have to ask them for their help. Know that you are divinely loved and supported, and you are never alone. Your team of light is always on your side, always loving you, ready and willing to help when you call on them. 

Q2: Week 1 energy: The Devil

This card signifies the old structures of control, and the darkness and chaos that is rising to the surface to be cleared. Light is already dominant on our planet, although if we are just looking at what isn’t working, we can miss seeing what is working (and working beautifully). This earth continues on its trajectory, and we stay grounded to it, living our lives and continuing to manifest, create, and seed new desires as we set intentions for improved conditions and continue to co-create a better life and a better world for ourselves and others.

We won’t get what we want by focusing on what we don’t want, and this card is a reminder, together with the Seven of Wands, to summon the great strength and courage that is within every one of us to stay focused on the positive, even in the midst of the darkness. We are asked to always look to the light, to celebrate what is good and joyful and happy. We are asked to keep love in our hearts, to look on others with compassion, and to realize that we are all one. Separation is an illusion. As more and more of us focus on improved conditions and celebrate the beauty in our lives and everything that is worth appreciating, we strengthen and give energy and momentum to the light.

Q3: Week 2 energy: The World

As the final card in the Major Arcana, The World is a card of victory, success, and congratulations. We have been on a journey that may have been long and arduous, and this card shows us reaching a place of enlightenment. This card is a reminder that we are all in this together. When we lift one another up, we rise much faster. Our world is reaching the end of a cycle, and in our own lives, we may see this play out as certain aspects come to a close and new ones begin to flow in. This card represents fulfillment and the mastery of lessons. We have reached new understandings, gained significant wisdom, and have come to know ourselves on deeper and deeper levels. The more we understand ourselves, the better we can understand our place in the world, serve others, and fulfill our life path and purpose in more meaningful, long-lasting ways.

Q4: Week 3 energy: The Chariot

The Chariot showed up for us last month in week 2, and its energy carries over into this month—it’s go time, this card seems to indicate. We are still being guided to stay the course and keep our focus on where we are going, not where we have been, and certainly not on where we don’t want to be. We are being asked to relentlessly keep our eyes on our desired destination so that we can be sure to reach it without straying from the path. Let’s continue to move ahead, move up, move forward, and honor and acknowledge our progress and accomplishments along the way. As we look around us in gratitude, appreciating the things we like about our lives and circumstances, we invite more of that energy—whether abundance, joy, or fulfillment—to flow to us.

This card can also indicate that things are moving quickly. Travel, moving, and transportation may be lining up for some of you. The Chariot hints, too, at opposing forces; we may need to stay strong and stick to our ethics, principles, and ideals yet remain attuned to our intuition so that we are not stubbornly holding onto something that doesn’t actually serve us just because it once did. Part of the process of growth is expanding beyond old beliefs, habits, and ways of thinking and doing, and sometimes that means walking away from what isn’t serving you anymore. It is important to know when to stick to our principles and when to let go of something and expand our minds and our energies into greater awareness. Sometimes this card can indicate a conflict within; the opposing forces may be between old beliefs and new ones coming in. Spending time in thought and in journaling can help you sort it out. When this card relates to willpower, you may need to take control over a situation or circumstances in your life. Like the Seven of Wands—and The Chariot is the seventh card in the Major Arcana—it can be guidance to stand strong and to fight for what you believe in.

Q5: Week 4 energy: The Hermit

After the battle, we go within. The Hermit can be like a healing chamber. This week, we are asked to practice self-care and introspection. Journaling, walks in nature, and time spent in the sun can be beneficial. If the battles we have been fighting this month have been mental or emotional, we need to take time to rest our minds this week and process what we’ve experienced to gain further clarity and understanding. The Hermit is a wise one who represents solitude and inner wisdom. Spending time alone to regroup and gather your thoughts will help you. The Hermit can also represent a guide figure, like a guardian, angel, or guide, and seeing this card can be a nudge or a reminder to call on your allies to assist you with whatever you need, whether that is healing, clarity, or emotional support.

Q6: Guidance from the Universe for November: Queen of Swords

Make no mistake—this queen speaks her mind and she comes to advise us this month to cut through the bull, to speak our minds, and to be done with playing small, once and for all. Those days are past, and we are advised to never, ever look back. She comes to say, remember who you are. Speak your truth. Stand in your light. Stay strong and be relentlessly positive, no matter what you are facing. You have what it takes to succeed in all that you do. Know that you have an inner power you can draw on, and an inner strength the likes of which would amaze you. We are powerful, at the core of who we are, and our power is beyond measure. Rise up in joy, in confidence, and in love, because in those energies is the greatest power of all and the truth of who we are.

Daily Reading: October 31, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the thirty-first day of the month, and thirty-one is a powerful number of manifestation. Threes are associated with manifested results and ones relate to new beginnings, opportunities, and fresh starts. Because three and one add up to four, a number of balance and stability, today brings manifestations and energies that are creating stronger foundations and strengthening the stability in our lives. We are asked to look to the better, more stable place we want to be and see ourselves living the life we desire, as our thoughts are quickly bringing about manifested results in our lives that are directly related to what we have been focusing on.

The numbers in today’s date add up to nine, which is appropriate given that nines are concerned with endings and this is the last day of the month. One cycle is ending and another is beginning. Today’s full blue moon supports us powerfully in clearing and releasing energies—something that has been strongly in focus building up to today. Rest and relaxation can benefit us greatly, as it allows what needs to clear to flow away from us. Setting the intention that what we release is transmuted is important, so that the energies do not return to us in negative form, and so that they do not create harmful effects wherever they flow. This is a time when we may begin to see things from a new perspective as the energies around us begin to shift into new cycles and we are being guided to think of ourselves, our situations, and our trajectories in ways we may not have considered before.

New paths are appearing and you may be faced with choices. Trusting your intuition is key when making decisions; try not to allow yourself to feel rushed to make a decision. Choices you make now may have long-term consequences, but remember that you can always change course, no matter where you are, simply by focusing in a new direction. Changing your thinking changes your life. You are the powerful creator of your own reality, and you may begin seeing evidence of this as you start noticing things you have been giving your attention to appearing in physical, manifested form. Trusting your intuition is important; your first reaction or instinct is usually right.

Mantra: My foundations are strengthening. I release what does not serve me and welcome improvements, all in accordance with my highest good. I am always attuned to my intuition.

Daily Reading: October 30, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the thirtieth day of the month, and thirty brings aspects of joy, celebration, manifestation, and the divine. When we connect to our divine nature, or the higher self, along with our divine allies and partners in the nonphysical, we can create magnificent outcomes and all that our hearts desire. Zero is a number of divinity, of infinite potential and possibility, while three is a number of manifestation that is also associated with the Ascended Masters. Reading about and further exploring zero point manifestation can be beneficial. Today’s guidance is to explore the zero state in meditation.

The numbers in today’s date add up to eight, a number of abundance, prosperity, and increase. The energies at this time are powerfully supporting our manifestation and creations. We are in a time of profound change, and these changes are happening for our benefit. The image I’m being shown is of choppy waters that churn up debris in order for it to come to the surface for clearing and removal. When the process is complete, the waters will be clear and better for us to move about in. As the energies that are not working clear out, we can manifest more quickly and move forward with fewer obstacles to get to where we want to be. It is hard for a boat to move through waters with debris piled up at the bottom; this debris can create tears in the boat and cause it to sink or stop it altogether if it becomes wedged in the debris. We are asked to look within and see what needs to be cleared; it is so important for us to be really honest with ourselves and look at what needs to go and what isn’t working for us, and then set the intention for it to shift and clear out of our field. This intention greatly impacts our energy and translates into sea changes in every area of our lives. Once the clearing process is underway, you will begin to see vast improvements in just about every area of your experience as the physical changes and improvements begin to manifest from what begins as a shift in energy. Being patient with yourself, trusting the process, and remembering that everything is energy can be helpful.

Mantra: I choose to release everything that is not working for me; it is cleared, released, and transmuted according to my highest good. From a place of clarity, I can create the wonderful life I deserve and desire.

Daily Reading: October 29, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-ninth day of the month, and twenty-nine is a number of divinely supported endings. We are being asked to get really clear on what isn’t working for us and then to turn away from it. Doing so, whether in the form of grand gestures or soft intentions, creates an energetic shift that allows what does not serve us to begin flowing out of our lives. We are guided to turn our attention to what we would like to welcome into our lives, and then not to pay any mind to what is making its exit any more than we would give our attention to dirty water flowing down the drain. It’s time to welcome what is clear and fresh and new and healthful.

The numbers in today’s date add up to seven, a number of good fortune, spiritual abilities, life purpose, intelligence, awakening, and wisdom. As we release the past, we make room for what is better to flow to us. When we clear the mental, emotional, and spiritual debris, we make room for growth in these areas, which can bring new ideas, expanded intellect, curiosity, a stronger connection to our intuition and to the divine, and heightened spiritual abilities. Today’s guidance is to consider your life purpose and where you are in regards to it. Do you feel aligned or off-track? When we bring our attention to what lights us up, it can help reorient us to our life purpose, soul mission, or our highest calling. Follow where your passion lies, as it is a great indicator of your highest mission and purpose. Today’s guidance is to look to your joy, and then follow that path. Every day is a new opportunity for you to begin a new story, and it is never too late to revise.

Mantra: My life is my own, and I am free to create the life I desire. I am free to follow my passion and to live a happy, fulfilled life doing what brings me joy.

Daily Reading: October 28, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-eighth day of the month, and twenty-eight carries aspects of co-creation and abundance. The number eight is also the symbol for infinity, the lemniscate, which alludes to our divine nature as creators and eternal beings. As such, we are fully capable, each one of us, of manifesting all the abundance and prosperity we desire. As Abraham-Hicks says, we are not here to be mediocre creators. We are all deserving and worthy of living a good life, whatever that means to us. Through our example, we can show others how to live abundantly. We are in partnership with our divine allies, who are always loving us, always supporting us, and assisting us in all we endeavor to do. The two and eight adding up to ten, a number of completion and fulfillment, indicate that a great deal of abundance is ready for us.

The numbers in today’s date add up to six, a number of harmony and balance. Through reaching greater levels of well-being and peace in our lives, we establish greater harmony between ourselves and the universe, and between our human self and higher self, that divine creator aspect of us that is the larger part of who we are. Through bliss, through joy, through love, harmony, and peace, we come into alignment with the fullness of who we are and with infinite intelligence. In this place, we can achieve anything we desire. Creating a solid foundation with our belief and trust in ourselves and in our ability to manifest all that we dream of, all that we desire to create, amplifies our creations and gives them power. Keeping our focus on a continually more elevated version of ourselves and visualizing who and where we want to be is powerful. Feeling ourselves to be in that elevated place and in that desired state of being is like the secret ingredient, the grace that eases the flow of all that we envision for ourselves to come into being.

Mantra: I am the powerful creator of my reality. I am worthy and deserving of all that I desire. I allow everything I want to flow to me, and it comes to me easily. I receive with gratitude.

Daily Reading: October 27, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-seventh day of the month, and twenty-seven brings energies of partnership and co-creation with the divine and our allies in the nonphysical. It also brings a doubling of good fortune and amplified psychic ability. In this time leading up to the full blue moon, our spiritual abilities are growing and increasing. Our instincts are sharpening as the veil between worlds is thinning. We are asked to stay in a high vibration and to protect our energy, especially as energies are clearing for the collective and for Gaia.

The numbers in today’s date add up to five, a number of change. Old cycles continue to close and new ones are beginning. We are asked to honor our past experiences, to keep the lessons and let go of the rest. Writing out what you have learned from situations good and challenging, and making lists of what you have accomplished can help you gain perspective. Trust yourself during this time and believe that you can always make the best decisions. Even when something turns out in a less than desirable way, knowing that things are always working out for you and trusting the process can be so powerful. We are asked to believe in ourselves and know that we are flowing through changes into something better, and we are being guided to flow through these transitions without struggle to ensure that the shifts are as smooth for us as possible. We are upleveling and reaching higher states of awareness. Knowing that you are of the light can be a powerful way of grounding into your highest good as you rise up into your highest path and purpose.

Mantra: The changes that are taking place for me are for my highest good. I honor the lessons of the past and release the rest as I welcome what is better with love and gratitude.

Daily Reading: October 26, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-sixth day of the month, and the energies of twenty-six carry aspects of co-creation and harmonious partnerships at home and with family and romantic connections, as well as in the workplace and with clientele. Sixes bring emotional renewal that leads to greater happiness. Because two and six equal eight, abundance and prosperity are also indicated, along with harmony. Abundance can be linked to happy, harmonious relationships, especially in regards to career and finance, and to personal and familial relationships that bring emotional healing and restoration or that are being healed and emotionally restored.

The numbers in today’s date add up to four, a number of stability, security, strength, and solid foundations. The number four is also associated with the cardinal directions; travel may be on the horizon for some of you. Making plans now for travel in the near future will prove beneficial. Considering investments of money and time now can improve dividends later; look at where you are investing and make any adjustments now. Reading financial bulletins and newsletters may provide you with helpful tips and information. How could your time be better spent or managed? Now is a time to look at what needs strengthening in your life and what improvements you can make to increase stability in those areas.

Four is also associated with the four elements; incorporating aspects of these into your home environment can benefit your health—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This could include rocks, crystals, fresh flowers, or salt for earth; feathers or incense for air; candles for fire; and essential oils or a bowl of fresh water for the water element (fresh salt water can be used to blend earth and water). Paying attention to feng shui and how you can improve your home’s energy by incorporating aspects of this practice into your living spaces is highlighted now; you may look up feng shui charts, examine your living spaces, make any rearrangements, and add corresponding colors to the different areas of your home. This can shift the energy and help it to flow in positive ways.

Mantra: It is easy and natural for me to create improvements in my life. The energy is shifting around me in powerful, positive ways. My foundations are always strengthening in ways that serve me and those I care about.

Daily Reading: October 25, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-fifth day of the month, and twenty-five brings energies of partnership with the divine that lead to positive change and transformation. New developments are in progress in your life and may already be making themselves known. Sometimes changes start small and can show up in subtle ways that, on later reflection, we realize were the seedlings of something new and wonderful. The saying, ‘From an acorn, a mighty oak may grow’ comes to mind. The seeds of something beautiful and long-term may be sprouting now. These changes can be energetic as well as physically manifested, and can show up as developing or strengthening spiritual gifts as well as physical situations, conditions, and things.

The numbers in today’s date add up to three, and three is a sacred number that corresponds with manifestation and indicates the results of something brought forth as the result of co-creative partnerships. Those partnerships can be between you and divine or universal forces or between you and other people in your life, such as friends, family, romantic partners, and business or creative partners. Three brings the energies of joy, expansion, growth, and freedom, and is the number of the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters are especially present now and are asking you to call on them for assistance and support in whatever you are working on or working through. Today may bring opportunities for socializing and celebrations. We are asked to speak our minds and our truth with compassion and clarity.

Mantra: I honor and welcome the growth in my life, and know that everything is developing for me according to my highest good.

Daily Reading: October 24, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-fourth day of the month, and twenty-four brings energies of co-creation, partnerships, cooperation, balance, harmony, and stability. The four, a doubled two that follows the initial number two indicates increase leading to stability. Partnerships especially are highlighted as bringing us improved support, stability, harmony, balance, and strengthening our foundations. Career, business, finances, creativity, and creation are especially in focus now.

The numbers in today’s date add up to two, further emphasizing alliances, positive aspects of partnerships, and happily working together. We are establishing and/or building upon existing situations and support systems that will serve to create an improved future and more stable outcomes for us and those we are working with and for. We can look to bringing more balance and harmony to our relationships in order to strengthen them as we support each other moving forward. We are co-creating now, each with our own higher self and with other people in our lives, in powerful ways. What we are manifesting is serving us well and has the potential to benefit all involved. It is to our advantage to stay focused on the positive, to maintain a positive outlook, and to keep our eyes on what we desire to create. We are advised to always look for ways we can use our influence for good and positively affect those we work with.

Mantra: It is easy and natural for me to stay focused on what I desire to create. Everything is always looking up for me. The future is bright.

Daily Reading: October 23, 2020

Image by Victoria Constantino

Today is the twenty-third day of the month, and twenty-three brings energies of cooperation, partnership, and manifestation. New connections are indicated today. Because two and three add up to five, today also brings energies of change, five being a number of transitions and transformations. Today may be a crucial pivot point for some of you. Look for opportunities and shifts that provide you with the chance to take another path; your path may fork now, and you could be presented with an option to go in another direction. It is important to feel into your intuition before making decisions. How does something make you feel? If you feel joyful when you think about it, and it makes you feel better than when you think about staying on your current path, then it could lead to great things for you. Trust your instinct above all. Sometimes it is important to tune out the external noise of other voices and opinions to determine what is right for you, what you really want. Take your time and make your own choices.

The numbers in today’s date add up to ten, a number of completion, endings, and subsequent beginnings. You may come to the end of something in your life or energetically, you may be reaching the end of a cycle. Know that you are ready for what comes next. Take time to celebrate today and this weekend, and to enjoy everything good in your life—the abundance, the harmony, the relationships, the beauty and the nature all around you. Take time to laugh, to love, to think, and to be still. Know that you are so very loved. Remembering that we are sourced from love is powerful today and every day.

Mantra: Everything in my life keeps getting better and better. I am upleveling in every way. I trust in my divine guidance. I trust my instinct.