Substance Abuse in the Time of COVID-19

Today, when I carried the recycling out to my community’s shared bin, I saw that it was full of empty brown glass bottles. Since the lockdown, alcohol consumption has noticeably increased. I’ve seen it in little ways all around me. I quickly realized that this is a small example of a much more widespread problem, and immediately sent energies of healing and well-being to everyone in the global community who is dealing with addiction of any kind. Substances can be a way of putting a barrier in front of our feelings, a way of distancing ourselves from negative emotions, a way of not feeling the things we don’t want to feel. Without that barrier, our emotions rise up to meet us.

The reasons we might turn to substances are as varied as the rainbow spectrum of pain. Sometimes, it’s just a momentary escape. Other times, it’s out of sheer boredom. And much of the time, it’s because it makes us feel better than we were feeling before. There is a saying, The only way out is through, that applies here. We have to feel it to fix it. Fixing it often means acknowledging and letting go—of the past, and of the things that no longer serve us, whether those are beliefs, memories, thoughts, habits, or feelings. We can always heal, we just have to be willing to put in the work. Healing requires loving ourselves enough to realize we’re worth the effort that it takes to clear and release what isn’t helping us, what is holding us back, what is limiting us, and what does not have any useful place in our lives.

One way of letting go can be to sit with the feeling, belief, thought, or energy, and acknowledge it, then release it with intention. You can call on any nonphysical allies to support you, whether that’s God, or your spirit guides, the angels, Universal energies, or whomever you feel moved to call on. Releasing with intention simply means that you intend to release it. You can say, to yourself or out loud, I clear and release this. As you work through releasing more and more, you may begin to feel lighter as the heavy energies lift from you. After releasing, invite the energies you do want. For example, you can say (or think), I welcome in the energies of love, light, healing, and peace.

The more you practice letting go, the easier it gets. And the more you let go, the more clarity you gain. This clarity leads to greater insight and uplifting energies that support you in every way. The healing journey is deep, and it is often profound. It’s like going through a dark tunnel. When you’re in the tunnel, you often cannot see the light; you can’t see what is around you. You can’t see ahead of you. You just have to trust and keep going. Trust yourself, trust your allies, knowing that you are supported every step of the way and that the Universe has got your back. Eventually, you will be able to see the light. As you reach the end of the tunnel, you gain clarity. You begin to understand your own strength, and the wisdom you gained from the experiences you left behind. When you exit the tunnel, you will find that you are a different person than the one who entered it. That person is the best version of you.

We are always healing, on some level, throughout our lives. You will find that some times are more intense than others in terms of what comes to the surface to be cleared and released. Know that those feelings and thoughts are not surfacing to torment you—they are rising up to the surface so you can let them go. They surface when they are ready to be released, when you are ready to release them. Knowing this can be a powerful source of support as you trust yourself more and more, knowing that you have the strength to let go of everything that rises up within you.

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